Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 18

This is just flying by isn't it?  Pregnancy is usually annoyingly slow! ha.  I feel like this is progressing at a nice pace though.

Week 18... let's see.  Heartburn is the dominant symptom.  That and a growing belly.  I have been wanting lemony things this past week.  I didn't realize it until today when I was looking up recipes for Lemon bars and Lemon cupcakes ha ha ha.  I didn't make them, but I am tempted.  I have the stuff to if I decide I can't stand it any longer. ha.

So here I am at 18 weeks.  Hello belly.
It's surely growing.  I'm just glad that it seems that my belly is the only thing growing :) I think I have gained a little bit in my legs, but not much thankfully.

Keeping my walks going everyday.  I actually look forward to them because they are a huge stress relief and help me to deal with a lot of the crazy hormones flying through my body right now.  My walk today was a tad traumatic.  I walked into a spider web with a HUGE spider on it.  I ended up having to walk home and have Dave check me over to make sure the spider was gone.  YUCKY!  I am not arachnophobic, but I don't like the buggers I tell you.

Cry It Out.

Those who know me well, know that I RARELY cry. It takes major emotional distress to induce tears out of me. Yet here I am... in hysterics... tears streaming down my face... for no good reason at all except that I am OBVIOUSLY hormonal. I feel trapped by my emotions right now. The normal for me, is to assess most situations with logic and common sense. Not the case as of late. The littlest thing that goes off plan is a huge deal. The littlest thing sets me off. It really sucks to know that there is something wrong with the way I am behaving, but feeling so trapped within myself that I can't do anything about it. I feel sorry for Dave because he doesn't know how to handle this Amy. He is probably wanting the less emotional Amy back. I want me back too, so I understand. This isn't for a pity party. I kinda just wanted to write this out to get it out, ya know? Since I am having a hard time thinking, I thought writing it all out would help. I am much calmer now and the tears have stopped so I think it did help. Sorry to be a downer. I get so envious of people who can take all situations in stride and have a generally happy take on everything in life.  Hopefully I'll be able to reign this in and end this day well.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

All in a Weekend

How eventful was my weekend?  Well.  Not very to be honest.  Not in a bad way, but just a non-eventful way.  What did I do this weekend?  I walked.  Stocked up on as many maternity clothes as my limited budget would allow. Splurged on probably our most exciting event this summer... Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt 2 tickets MID NIGHT SHOW!  Watched fireworks shot off by the city of Ozark.  Hung out with Leez.  Hung out with Dave.  Met my mom in Branson to pick my son up, he spent the weekend with her.  Hung out with Tiffany. Oh, and MORE WALKING. ha.
One last thing I did this weekend was I watched a documentary called "The Business of Being Born" and I really liked it.  I started out with the attitude that I was going to hate it and disagree with everything, but I actually ended up thinking a lot of it actually made sense.  It has me really confirming some ideas and plans that I have in mind for this delivery.  I would blog more in depth about this, but I don't know if you all would be interested in a detailed blog post of my thoughts on this documentary... if you are interested then speak up... however, I do recommend that you all at least watch it.  The cool thing about documentaries is that you can watch them and still enjoy them even if you don't agree with them.  You may end up like me, thinking you won't agree, but find that you actually do.  It's on instant queue in Netflix if you do want to watch.

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Week 17

Worry Worry Worry.  That seems to be the theme of week 16 moving into week 17.  I'm not showing much, my pelvic bone feels like it is going to break in two before the end of my 2nd trimester, every time I think I feel the baby move... I am greeted with a fart... nope, just gas (sorry people, it's the ugly truth, pregnancy isn't glamorous), and sometimes I wake up on my belly or back (for those who have been pregnant before, you know us pregnant ladies are supposed to sleep on our side, preferably the left side).  So all of this has me worried.  I feel like this is the first time I am doing this thing.  I might as well have no experience at all for how different this pregnancy is.  I can't compare it to my other two by any means.

Here I am... 17 weeks.  I feel like I should be showing more, but I was too self conscious during my other pregnancies to take pictures so I have nothing to compare it to.  I guess I'm on track...  I feel like I'm not growing at all...(excuse my lack of make up)
However, I remember not LOOKING pregnant until week 20 with both of my kiddos.  I never lucked into the showing early due to having been pregnant before.

My monthly check up was today and here is how it went...  Got to hear the heartbeat again which eased my worries a lot.  My Dr. wasn't concerned about anything so medically everything is normal.  I told him about my pelvic pain (basically THIS) and he told me to take it easy on my walking.  PSHA!  If I take it easy on my walking this little girl will turn to Fluffy Stay Puff Marshmallow Man status in no time.  I asked him if I keep walking my 2 miles a day will it cause damage or will it just cause me pain.  He said that it probably won't damage anything, but pretty much insinuated that he would be happier if I agreed to not over do it and not take wide strides.  So... I am going to keep doing my walks and try to take it easy.  Besides this pelvic pain is nothing compared to giving birth ha.  I can take it.  Add this pelvic thing to my floating rib that I developed while pregnant with Lindsey... PREGNANCY IS FUN! ha.

Almost forgot!!! Weight gain.  I weighed in last month at 138.8.  This month I weighed in at 140.8.  NOT BAD!  Starting at 135, that's not bad.  5.8 lbs in 4 months.  Hopefully I can keep this trend going.

July 13th is my ultrasound.  They will check for things like spinabifida and markers for downs... they will check to make sure all the vital organs are there and seemingly functioning.  AND... I get to find out what I am having.  The kids are wanting a girl... I am starting to show a bit and it is looking awfully low.  If the old wives tale of carrying low rings true then it's a boy.  I just want the baby to be healthy!  Only time will tell and 3 more weeks. WOO HOO!

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's My Birthday Today.

I hope it's not weird or annoying that I am doing a birthday post. ha.  It isn't to amass a ton of Happy Birthday wishes although that does make me smile.  I basically want to reflect.  My 31st year of life was a typical year in life.  You know, the roller coaster metaphor?  Full of ups and downs.  You know what I have learned, though?  The downs have a purpose.  Things that we think are just horrible rotten things to go through, they actually help us to grow into stronger more capable people.  At least that's how I see it.  Here are some highlights from my 31st year...

1.  Realizing I have some really terrific friends in my life.  This includes my husband, and my siblings... who most would consider to be default friends, but I know lots of people who hate their husband's and their siblings... not the case for me :).  These friends are the people that I know I can turn to about anything and people that I am glad to be there for when they need me.  I have appreciated so much the advice given, the support shown, the grace when I mess up, the love in spite of it all.  Genuinely great people.  Hopefully my 32nd year will bring many more trips to Bambu, Red Velvet, Orange Leaf, and the Bistro.

2.  Letting go of people who aren't good for me and me not good for them.  I won't elaborate much on this one.  I am only listing it because it was a big piece of my 31st year.
3.  Spending a lot of time with my brother and seeing him fall in love.  Hopefully that doesn't embarrass him.  I am just happy to see him happy.
4.  Roller skating.  I really can't tell you how much I love to roller skate.  I got to do quite a bit of it during my 31st year and it really added some fun to it.  Sometimes activities are viewed as only for kids, well, I'm here to tell you that adults need to do fun things too.
5.  Conflicted about this one.  Finding out I am pregnant, that was a huge shock for me.  While I wasn't too thrilled at first, it is becoming something that I am very determined to see to the end.  I am trying my hardest to keep myself healthy so that this pregnancy has the best chance of thriving.

During my 31st year I read some amazing books... The Hunger Games series... The Name of the Wind... and The Stand.  Hoping my 32nd year brings many more amazing reads.

My 31st year saw Bren and Lindsey get another year older... My kids are my entire heart.  I love them so much.  Life without them in it wouldn't be life anymore.
Lastly I made so many great blogger friends.  I would name them all, I just don't want to leave anyone out!  I am thankful for all of you and so excited to keep in touch through this crazy blogging world.

My 31st year had so much more to it than all of this, but these things stick out to me.  Have a great Wednesday everyone... Tonight I am going to eat dinner with all of my closest friends and not think once about the fact that I am another year older.  Thanks for being along for the adventure during my 31st year I hope that year 32 is a great one!  Main thing to look forward to is bringing a new kidlett into the world.  That ought to be great fun ;) ha.  Catch ya on the flippity flip.

Monday, June 13, 2011

16 Weeks

Main symptom I have right now is grumpiness.  It takes very little to set me off and the hubs thinks it's fun for all of 5 seconds to press my buttons.

I am of the opinion that I am going to take down my 14 week belly pic or put up a disclaimer.  If you look at it, you will notice that I am standing at an angle so it isn't giving an accurate portrayal of how my belly really looked at 14 weeks.  It's bumming me out because I will take a new picture and while there is a noticeable difference between week 15 and week 16 week 14's belly looks bigger than all three which was making me stress then I noticed I am kinda standing at an angle.  So.  I really am messing up these pictures.
Here is week 16... I'll get this right soon.
I'm getting really eager to go to the Dr. again because my anxieties about the baby being ok and thriving are getting worse.  I am doing everything I should, but since it's so early and I am just now approaching the time where the baby's movements are noticeable I am freaking out.  I want to know that it's the baby I'm feeling when I get odd sensations in my belly.

Other than that I am doing well.  Just irritable. ha.  Cravings are the same.  Dairy, Mangoes, and sweet stuff.  Oh and carbs.  I usually always want carbs.  Unfortunately.

I am still taking my walks everyday.  Allergies are starting to calm down, now it's battling the heat.  Not a big deal.  I either take my walk in the morning or an hour before sunset, so I am good.  I sometimes snap some instagrams while taking my walk... I am so blessed to have such a beautiful nature trail practically in my backyard.  It is LITERALLY saving my butt...

Other than that not much to tell.  Next Dr. appointment is June 22, so instead of doing my weekly update on Tuesday like normal I will post on wednesday so I can give you an update.  After this next appointment it will be time for my ultrasound... very nervous and excited.

Hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Summertime Twist and Week 15

My hair is getting longer, which means I tend to get frustrated with it and chop it because I have no clue how to style long hair cute at all.  I usually just straighten it and there, I'm done.  I always get jealous of the cute hairstyles I see on long hair and it's usually what motivates me to grow my hair long in the first place, but once I get there, I don't know what to do.  Well.  Thank goodness for this post on A Beautiful Mess: How to Style a Summertime Twist.  Here is my attempt...

I am taking my walks everyday.  Not letting hot temps or allergies stop me.  I have been drinking primarily water with the occasional glass of milk.  I refuse to weigh myself in between Dr. visits... so you will have to be in suspense about that until June 22.  I haven't been eating too poorly.  I did make chocolate chip cookies last night, but I only ate 1 1/2.

Cravings are primarily dairy.  Milk and sour cream.  I also crave fruit.  Mangoes and apples.  I also had a craving for fish... and I normally do not like fish.  I know that I am getting the Omega 3 from my prenatle vitamins, so I don't think it's that I am deficient on that.  I think I am craving the tartar sauce on the fish more than I am the fish itself.

So.  Here is a week 15 picture. Not much change, but still.  Gotta photo document.  I didn't do this with Lindsey or Brendan and I regretted it.

I think I have felt the baby move, but it's so light, that I don't want to say for sure. I felt Lindsey and Bren both at about 16 weeks. They say that women that have had previous pregnancies will tend to feel baby move a lot sooner. Who knows really? ha. Not me.

I'm feeling REALLY chubby.  I know my walks are doing me good, but this stage in pregnancy just sucks.  The belly is just starting to take shape and it's pushing everything out and up including fat and organs so my waist is just THICK.  I'm not complaining... just saying.

Well.  5 more weeks I will know what I am having.  BOY OR GIRL.  Make your guess.  What do you think I am having?

P.S. Happy Birthday to one of my awesome friends LIZ from Liz Lemon blog.