Wednesday, September 28, 2011

31 Weeks

Had my 31 week appointment Wednesday and final ultrasound. Everything went great! Here is my 31 week belly...
31 Weeks
My weight is 159.7 ha ha ha. STILL UNDER 160!!! ha. I Have 9 weeks left so I imagine I'll end this thing somewhere around where I ended pregnancy with Lindsey. Which isn't terrible, but wasn't my goal either. Well. Nothing I can do about it now. I can't lose it until I'm not pregnant anymore so I'm not going to fret too much over it. The ultrasound went awesome. She is looking perfect and measuring a week ahead ha ha ha. Here are some of the shots from the ultrasound... SHE IS SO CUTE! Look at her cute little nose and mouth!

I'm getting so excited for her to be here!  At the time of the ultrasound I was 30.6 weeks pregnant... she was measuring 31.6 weeks. She is estimated to weigh around 3 lbs 14 oz. right now.  When my Doctor came into the examination room to talk to me his first words were "well, it looks like you're growing a big one in there." Ha ha ha.  I love my Dr.  He's awesome.  My other babies I guess were much smaller.  Lindsey was 7 lbs 14 oz. at birth and Bren was 7 lbs 13 oz.  So I guess I didn't expect her to be bigger. ha.  We'll see though, their estimations aren't always spot on.

Signed the papers to get the tubal ligation... kinda scary since it will be my first surgery EVER.  Also kinda sad because I really wanted to attempt to do this birth without pain meds but because of the tubal, I will need to already have an epidural going because the plan is to go directly from birth and bonding with the baby to the surgery.  So it looks like another epidural birth... which isn't horrible, just not what I had wanted.

I had a really good appointment... got my flu shot too.  Things are moving right along.  Headed into a very busy month though.  October is looking to be crazy!  So.  I am going to get some rest in before this weekend when we will begin getting our house ready for the move.

Well.  That's that.  Have a happy Thursday and a happy weekend.

OH!  And it's time for another Belly Progression Collage. :)
23 - 31 week Belly progression

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Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Little Heart to Heart... Me and My Body Image...

Weight. I am a call it like I see it type person. I know that NO BODY sees themselves clearly or how others see them. Some people are destined to have a bad image of their own body. I have always had a bad body image. I have always struggled to see myself as thin. HOWEVER... I am going to be talking about pregnancy and weight and how I feel like I am alone in the world... even as it pertains to other pregnant women.
I have never been the skinny pregnant lady. When I get pregnant my body just has to see food and it's like OOOOOH I need to store some fat in my thighs! Seriously! I know this about myself. I know my body. I know that when I'm pregnant I look puffy. You want to know how I know? Check this out... (I'm not going to take the time to make sure all the pics are the same width... sorry if this bugs you, but I have a birthday cake to bake after I finish typing this)
Yup... I was small once.  This was me in 2001 (pre marriage)
This is me with Dave.  He is 6'4 and here he weighed 155... he could fit in MY jeans... they were snug of course, but still. ha.  Anyway, just more proof that hey, I was small once.
Then I got pregnant with Lindsey.  This is me at like 32 weeks with Lindsey in belly. 
Then this is me after giving birth to my baby girl... nice and full of swelling and saline.  Lovely.
Then along comes Brendan.  Here, I am 26 weeks pregnant.
Then at 32 weeks after quite a few smores and hot dogs ;)
AND here I am 39.6 weeks pregnant, ready for the big show... ready for Brendan to light up my life.
And here I am with Lindsey... Brendan is probably about 9 months old or so... and I have only managed to get down to 155 lbs.  Please keep in mind, I am 5'1... While 155 lbs may seem like a WONDERFUL weight to be at for someone a few inches taller than me, for my height it is just chubby.  (AND GOSH, if you are my height and in this weight range and are happy with your weight, then PLEASE keep being happy about it, this is my body image I am discussing)
 A couple years later and a change of diet I managed to get down to this...  While not my smallest, it was still an accomplishment.
Pictures can be really evil... but they are truth tellers. If you ever want to know how you truly look, look at a picture ha. Now. When I say I am getting fat... I am not saying I AM fat... or even saying that you are fat if you are heavier than me. All I am saying is that I am on the journey, on my way, heading that direction... getting fat. I don't say this to get a bunch of "NO YOU'RE NOT!" comments. I am not even saying it to get the "You look great! You're pregnant" comments. Although, I don't hate those comments, I am just saying it to make light of it and to vent it out. It's kind of me acknowledging before anyone else does, that "look, I know I am not a skinny pregnant lady."

I don't delude myself into thinking anything other than what is real. I don't think I am ugly. I don't think I am morbidly obese.  I am pregnant.  I don't need a news flash to tell me that being pregnant means weight gain.  Pregnant or not, putting on weight is stressful to me!  I think because my track record has shown losing weight to be a pretty difficult thing to do! 

Yes, I realize I am pregnant!  Yes, I realize I am NOT FAT!  I am not over here depressed and wallowing about my weight either, but it is in the forefront of my mind because if you'll remember, I never wanted to be pregnant in the first place. ha. For very selfish reasons too. HEY!  I'm just being honest here!  I had ended my pregnancy with Brendan at 179 lbs, I was only able to shed 24 lbs of that. After overhauling the way I ate FINALLY I had gone from 155 lbs to 128 lbs over the course of about a year... I gained 7 lbs back shortly before I got pregnant with this one, but still, even at 135 lbs I was at one of the lowest weights I had been at since before getting pregnant with Brendan. I didn't want to put this weight back on! I was also happy with my 2 kiddos. I felt like our family was complete.

ALL OF THAT BEING SAID! I just want to be able to vent my weight frustrations without people getting upset with me.  I'm not putting myself down, I'm just SAYIN'... and I try to keep it light hearted and funny, and not so serious... case in point... my facebook status a couple hours ago read...
Just took the 30 week picture... Dear Avery... I am so glad that I am having you and can't wait to meet you, but please stop making your momma fat! ha. :) ♥
I want to be able to acknowledge that I am looking a little fluffy, without people trying to tell me that I am all belly or that I don't look like I have gained anything... because you know what? That isn't the truth. The truth may be that you think pregnancy suits me, or that I look great, or that I'm a cute preggo... that's fine, I'll say thank you and move on. :) I don't need sunshine blown up my you know where. I'm putting on weight... am I depressed? no. It's just what I do when I'm pregnant...

I guess I am just hoping you can see it how I see it. Yes, I am happy to be having Avery... I can't wait to meet her. Yes, I am ok with being pregnant and even enjoying it at times. YET... even with that, I am still stuck here undoing all of my hard work waiting as pound by pound, all that weight comes back on... and I just have to cross my fingers that I can find the motivation and the where with all to lose it after Avery is here.

Maybe this is something I will always be alone in.  I don't expect people who have never been pregnant to understand... and I am finding that even some women who have been pregnant won't ever understand... but this is me.  I'm not hunting for sympathy, or a thick candy shell...  I'm just calling it how I see it. I really am sorry if it upsets anyone.  I really am, but maybe this blog post will help you understand better... ok.  I think I'll save the pie post for later.

If you read this whole thing Kudos to you!  I might send you a prize!  No promises, I'm a busy girl lately. ha.

30 Weeks and Bravery

It's that time of the week again.  I am 30 weeks pregnant! Woo Hoo!  Here is the 30 week belly... and you're getting a treat... or a shock! ha.  I am giving you a side view and a semi front view!  The front view is taking a bit of bravery on my part, because you can see my thighs are getting very "thunder-ish" and my chin is threatening to go "double-ish" ha ha ha.  Oh well.  I can't undo it right now so I'm trying not to worry about it.  Trying to just make fun of it.  So here we go...

30 weeks30 weeks (fatty angle) ha.That's the 30 week belly. Not much to update you on. I have still been feeling that crazy light headed pass out type feeling and it seems to be quite bad right now. The top of my belly is starting to hurt like it did with Brendan. I have noticed a few new little stretchy marky friends. Other than that... not much to speak of. Next week is my last ultrasound. Should be a fun update. I know this particular update isn't full of fluffy clouds and unicorns, but on the same token I am not trying to be all gripey either... just telling it how it is. I guess I'll leave you with some happy things... *Avery is quite the night owl... my belly goes CRAZY at night. *I am generally pretty happy lately. *I have gotten her car seat and play yard. *At least I still fit in my maternity jeans... Barely. *Going to church again, and it's actually been something I look forward to... not dread. *The Office starts tonight! *My mom's birthday is tomorrow! *I get to see the OU vs. Mizzou game LIVE on Saturday with my cousin Kyle and his awesome wife Seana... oh and of course Dave! And that's it. Happy Thursday and Friday you all. P.S. If this pumpkin pie that I made today is any good, you will have a recipe post coming up.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

29 Weeks and I FAIL at Blogging.

I have been so horrible at this whole  blogging scene.  I haven't been blogging much on my own blog and I haven't been visiting and commenting on other blogs except what pops up in my facebook feed.  I am so sorry.  I have always thought it important to visit blogs and comment, it has just been so low on my priority list right now.  I don't know if/when that will change... with a new baby coming and school... I do believe this is only going to get worse not better.  I am going to try though.  I do care about what you all have to say and I am interested, it's just that life is really different for me right now.

Enough of the excuse and disclaimer.  29 weeks is here.  Next week will be week 30... yes, I am captain OBVIOUS! ha.  Week 30 is so important because it means 10 more weeks left... HOPEFULLY LESS!  I would love it if Avery made her entry into the world during November.  I would especially love it if she came before Thanksgiving.  I am full term on the 11th of November.  I know I am doing a lot of looking ahead, but I can't help it.  Between this hypoglycemia, weight gain, and typical annoyances of pregnancy... it cheers me up to look at the light at the end of the tunnel.

So here is the 29 week belly...
29 Weeks Pregnant
Still taking my walks.  I am trying to take them everyday, but I have missed a couple days.  Usually the days that I miss I am busy and active already anyway, so I am still getting exercise.  At this point I don't know how much it is doing for my weight.  My appetite is so big right now.  It's a struggle to not over eat.  I have laid off the juice though.  Drinking primarily water and 1% milk.

What am I enjoying right now?  Avery's movements and rolls for sure.  She isn't a kicker like my other two, she seems to like to roll around in there.  It's fun and reassuring to feel.  I am enjoying the cooler temps coming our way.  A few days are predicted to be in the low 80's, but throwing some mid 60's and low 70 degree days in there is making me happy and ready for fall.

I have some events to look forward to.  My mom's birthday is September 23!  Isn't that possibly the BEST day to have a birthday ever??? I mean right at the Autumn Equinox.  It's pretty awesome that my mom's birth is at the beginning of my favorite season.  I am making her an Italian Wedding Cream cake and canning her some mashed sweet potatoes for her sweet potato pies that she makes.  I am also going to attempt apple butter for her... we'll see how that goes.

Then, on the 24th, Dave and I are traveling to Oklahoma to see OU vs. Mizzou!  We are meeting up with my cousin Kyle and Seana.  Our kids are going to play and hang out with their two wonderful kids while we go to the game, it should be an awesome fun time.

Finally the 28th is my last ultrasound of this pregnancy.  We are checking out baby's position and growth.  I am really looking forward to it.

After this month, things should speed right up as far as the pregnancy is concerned.  October is a fun month full of birthdays, candy, pumpkins, and Halloween.  It should go by pretty fast.  Lindsey and Brendan's birthday is on the 9th and 10th of October... then I am photographing a wedding on the 22nd... then Halloween... then October is over!  Do you realize how fast this is going to go? I will be 35 weeks by the end of October!

November is the home stretch and will probably be the longest draggiest month... but hey!  There is Thanksgiving.  If I haven't mentioned it before Halloween and Thanksgiving are my very favorite holiday's EVER.  I love them even more than Christmas.  I mean, I love Christmas, but it's kind of a sad Holiday because once it's over, it is really the end of the best Holiday's all year.  I prefer the weeks leading up to Christmas.  The cool thing is that Avery will be here, at the latest, during December and no more pregnancy! Now that is a GREAT Christmas present! ha. 

Ok, I seriously am rambling on.  Just know that we are coming up on some happy days for me. :)  I hope you all are equally excited about the Holidays.

I am going to try to make time to visit your blogs and also to blog a couple times other than my weekly pregnancy update. 

Thursday, September 8, 2011

28 Weeks

Hello there 3rd Trimester!  I am ready for the home stretch!  I can't BELIEVE I am already this far!  In 3 weeks I get my 2nd ultrasound which is mainly to see what position baby is in.  I get the feeling she is taking after her brother and will be breech at the ultrasound.  Her brother was transverse until week 36 nearly 37... scared me a little... thinking I was going to have a c-section.  Thankfully he turned... so I won't worry about this one until I have to.

Well.  Here is my 28 week belly... Another SLR picture.  My buddy Brad, who I used to do photography with, had my tripod stowed away and he was kind enough to hunt it down for me and get it to me, so it is likely that you will be getting much nicer pictures for my belly updates from here on out. :) 28 weeksWednesday was my appointment with my OB... well, my OB is on a MUCH deserved vacation, so I met with the nurse practitioner.  We talked about my visit to Labor and Delivery a couple weeks ago.  She enlightened me further on why I could be having these weird episodes of extreme light-headedness and feelings of my heart racing.  She said when this happens I need to evaluate what I have eaten recently.  She said that pregnancy can induce hypoglycemia and if I haven't eaten anything my blood sugar is low... on the same token, if I have eaten anything high in sugar that my blood sugar will be low as well because my body will send out a mass of insuline to take care of the mass of sugar and often times this results in a drastic drop in blood sugar (probably what we refer to as the sugar crash).  This made SO much more sense than what Labor and Delivery told me was the culprit.  I then confessed that I like to drink juice... a lot... she then proceeded to tell me BAD GIRL and that I might as well be drinking soda.  I felt properly chastised. ha.  I imagine my pancake breakfasts twice a week don't help either. ;) I didn't tell her about that though.

Then we talked about Tubal Ligation.  Yes.  I am thinking about getting myself permanently sterilized.  No more babies for this momma!  I'm getting too old for this crap. ha.  I am leaning toward doing this because I am terrible at remembering to take a pill and because I know that I do not want anymore children.  My three will be good enough for me!  Family of 5 seems like just the right size.  Hopefully this doesn't offend any of you "Let God close the womb" people out there.  I believe the Good Lord gives us common sense to know when we are done... I'm done.

Finally we talked about allergies.  Oh my WORDY DIRD!  My allergies are kicking me in the FACE!  The Goldenrod is waving it's big yellow pedally flag saying "I bring with me ragweed! There will be great suffering and rubbing of eyes!"  So... she gave me the GREAT news that I can take Zyrtec.  Benadryl SUCKS!  Sorry if you hate that word, but it does.  All it does is make me want to sleep and it also puts me in a downright grumpy mood.  I guess that makes sense because it's a depressant.  I have this little trick, usually, where I take my allergy pill with a Monster to counter act each other... I can't drink Monster while pregnant, so I just have to deal with the sleepies.  BAH.

Weight.  I don't think I have talked about this in a while.  Ok.  So we are looking at 156.8... I started this whole thing out at 135... so 21.8 lb gain at 28 weeks... not too shabby.  I am going to start cracking down on my eating habits now to hopefully  only gain 10 more lbs at the most.  WE WILL SEE.  I have 12 weeks left.  That is slightly less than a lb a week... This is a tall order, but I think as long as I stay away from the sweets and the juice I should be ok.

So, like I said.  Final ultrasound is in 3 weeks.  September 28.  After that my appointments will be every 2 weeks... it is going to be INSANE how quickly this last bit will go.  I love it when the appointments move closer together.

That's it.  I got a little winded... Kudos to you if you read it all.  You are a champ!
Catch ya later.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

27 Weeks

Hi there!
Well.  I am 27 weeks along today.  Here is my 27 week belly...
What's going on?  Well, not a whole heck of a lot.  She is getting bigger.  I am getting bigger.  I am still taking my walks but I have skipped a couple days lately.  As I get bigger my aches and pains get bigger too.  I am still walking though so don't worry!

I am still experiencing that weird light headed, heart racing, overwhelming sensation that I mentioned last week.  It mainly happens in the morning.  I am going to talk to my doctor at my next appointment about possibly being anemic since those are symptoms of it.  I have never been anemic, but if I am going to experience it for the first time, it makes sense for it to be during pregnancy when the baby is taking all of my nutrition from me ha.

No special cravings.  Really it's life as usual except with a bigger belly and butt. ha.  I'm already wishing for December to be here, but then again, I'm not because I have SO MUCH to do to get ready for this baby.  I still need to get a breast pump, a car seat, and a pack n play... among other things.

I did a couple of maternity shots with my SLR.  I like them, but you can REALLY see my weight gain in them.  I think it's the angle, because I don't have a tripod, I can't get the camera at a typical eye level.  It's also difficult to get a good focus.  Here they are though...
27 Weeks Pregnant27 Weeks Pregnant Other than this... I am still in the process of getting enrolled in classes. I think I really like the blogger changes... for about 5 minutes I hated them, but after fiddling around with them for a bit, I like them (what changes? click the link at the top of your blogger home page). That is all! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and Weekend! It's September! Woo hoo!