Sunday, January 19, 2014

Visualize... My Weightloss Progress

It has been a long journey, which REALLY slowed down during the holidays.  I came from 152 lbs all the way down to 125.2 lbs.  I still have 3 lbs until I have reached my main weight goal, but since I am not budging much lately, I decided to go ahead and do a picture post of how far I have come.

Like I said, I was 152 lbs when this whole thing started, which looked a lot like this...  The below picture was taken in April of 2013, several months before I REALLY started to lose weight, but I was around 152 here.
(excuse my dirty mirror. ha.  It was really embarrassing for me to take this.  Mainly because I do not wear form fitting clothes even when I am not chubby.)

Moving along.  So this is what I look like currently... and hopefully you can see the 27.6 lb difference between the first photo. :)  I am currently 125.2 lbs in this picture.

I am still on the journey.  Still working out and still managing my calorie intake.  Those jeans are the size jeans I wore when I got pregnant with my first baby.  Size 5 juniors...

I still want to lose 10 lbs, but I am not stressing over it, and I am really just concentrating on remaining healthy and not gaining weight at this point.  I feel good and fairly confident with my current weight... although I know that I have it in me to lose more and 115 lbs is my ideal weight.

I hope that all of you have made New Years Resolutions to lose weight are doing good on your journey.  If you need encouragement, just get on instagram and look up weight loss tags.  There are so many inspirational weight loss stories on there.

Well, that's it.  I apologize for the poor quality of the photos.  They were taken with my phone in very poor lighting situations. Have a great week everyone!