Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whatcha Readin Dave?

Amy: Whatcha Readin?
Dave:  Breaking Dawn...

Amy: Isn't that a GIRL'S book?
Dave: I don't care.

Amy:  Do you think it makes you lose "man points"?
Dave: No, I gain man points.

Amy: How do you figure that?
Dave: Because I am more in tune with my wife's likes.

Amy: What do you think of Edward Cullen?
Dave: He's a masochist... AND, he's not believeable, he's too mushy gushy and guys aren't really like that, I mean, we can be sweet, but... Yeah. He's too much.

Amy: Would you say that Edward Cullen loses "man points"?
Dave: Yes... weeeeeell, no... he takes care of Bella, he protects her... so no, he doesn't lose man points... buuuut he sparkles so we'll just say Edward has no "man points".

Amy: Do Vampires even HAVE "man points"?
Dave:  (pondering...) Edward doesn't have any "man points" ... Emmett has "man points"! ... Jasper has "man points" because he was in the Army.

Amy: What do you think of Bella?
Dave: Bella... She's over the top... but both her AND Edward are over the top, they're too rediculous to believe.

Amy: So are you Team Jacob or Team Edward
Dave: GROAN! Neither! gag me with a fork.

Amy: ha ha ha.  Who would you hang out with Jacob, or Edward?
Dave: Emmett

Amy: He wasn't an option
Dave: Jacob would annoy the piss out of me, and Edward is too girly.

Amy: Fair enough. This is your 2nd time through the Saga right?
Dave: yeah.

Amy: Soooooo, do you even like the books?
Dave: Yeah, I like the books, it's just that the love story between Edward and Bella is completely unrealistic.

Amy: Even though it's a VAMPIRE we're talking about?
Dave: I mean, I don't know...

Amy: So you think it's completely rediculous for a girl to put Edward and Bella type expectations on a REAL relationship?
Dave: Yeah, I mean, Cause, There is no relationship like theirs, it's completely make believe, no believable part about it.

Amy: So, it's good fantasy fiction?
Dave: Yeah.

Amy: Would you recommend other men to read the books?
Dave: Sure, why not, They're not a bad read, she keeps your attention.  Even though the love relationship between Bella and Edward can be "Gag me with a fork", it's a fun read.

So there you have it.  A guy.  Reading the Twilight Saga. My husband. Dave.

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