Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nursing School

I'm here.  I made it... I'm in nursing school at Cox College.

I found it very funny to look back on my post where I announced that I was going back to school.  The initial goal is being realized, but what I want to do with myself as an RN is vastly different.  I started out wanting to do what everyone else seems to want to do as a nurse.  Now my interests have shifted, and my ideal job as a nurse would be cardiac care, recovery room, infectious disease, or triage of some sort.  Honestly, I think I will be too much of a beggar in the beginning to be a chooser, ya know?  So I think whatever nursing job I can land to get established will be what I will take.

I am in my third week of nursing school. So far, I have taken my first exam for one of my classes (I made a strong solid B, which typically I wouldn't be happy about, but I am honestly just trying to survive at this point),I have my first competency test this Friday for vitals, and we are going to be giving each other baths for our lab! *insert shocked face emoji*... Then, I am facing two more tests next week.

I love my professors.  They are all so vastly different, and they all seem to want their students to succeed.  That is so very important.  When they professor is rooting you on, then you are in good hands.  I am still nervous about everything, but I am beginning to not feel so overwhelmed by it all.

There is a mountain of school work I need to be doing, so I am out of here.  I hope to give more updates as I can.