Thursday, June 4, 2015

Three Weeks Later

My last day of classes for the semester was three weeks ago.  That says a lot about how stressful this past semester was that it took me three weeks to decompress and feel like posting a blog. Ha.

I now have semester two complete.  Medical Surgical Nursing 1 was probably my favorite class, but at the end of the semester that class was about to cause me to have a psychiatric break.  I think I cried no less than three times.  The tests were insanely difficult, but I passed with a B.  Psychiatric Nursing was annoying.  I pretty much know that I will not be going into that field when I graduate.  I passed that class with a B, but it was hard fought.  I also took a class on Gerontological Nursing; I made an A in that class.  

During that semester I was beginning to question whether I was experiencing cardiovascular issues, because I would experience chest pain that would make it difficult to breathe at times, but as I decompressed after the semester, I have not experienced any chest pain.  Anxiety can really mess your body up.  This is true.

Now I have a whole summer in front of me that is already going by way too fast.  I made a collage of some of the highlights from the last three weeks...
The top row is from mother's day.  I visited my sister as soon as school was out with my mom.  That was awesome fun.  I got to play Yahtzee with my grandma and son, and the steak and shake pictures were from a lunch date with the family.  

Goals for the summer include losing the 10 lbs that I put on from being so sedentary during nursing school... that's slowly coming along.  I have been working out every day on my elliptical.  I also plan on doing some LIGHT studying to keep me fresh for next semester. 

Tomorrow night I am going to a women's event at my church.  It's a pinterest party and I'm so excited.  

June 15th is my birthday!  UGH.  I'm getting so old.  It will be number 36 for me! (insert shocked face emoji).

June 26th-July 4th is going to be vacation time in San Antonio, Texas.  We will be spending time with my brother and sister in law for a week, and then going to Corpus Christi for a family reunion.  I'm really looking forward to that.

Before I know it I will be back for my third semester of nursing school.  Next semester is a couple of brutal online informatics classes, Pediatrics, and Obstetrics.  But, I'm not going to focus on that until I have to.  Right now, I 'm enjoying my sanity and my family again.

I hope you all have big fun plans this summer.