Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 9

I had my Doctor appointment today.

I am 9 weeks along. I love my Dr. Some may think it is weird to have a male OB, but this guy has delivered both of my babies and I just feel comfortable having had him as my OB/gyn for nearly 10 years now. It was surreal to see him again in this situation. Last thing we discussed nearly 5 years ago was what form of Birth Control I wanted to be on. I told him none, because I don't react well to my hormone levels being messed with. He told me to be sure, because nothing else is fail safe and I would end up pregnant again. I was like NAH. ha ha ha. So. He kinda gets an "I told you so" even though he didn't take advantage of it. ha.

So. Had an exam. Hopefully everything comes back ok. He said that I seem like I am a little bit farther along than 9 weeks but not much.  I knew this already because my cycle is not the typical 28 day cycle.  According to my cycle length I am due November 29th... only 2 day difference from December 1st... so not a big deal.   On my blog I will update according to the 11/29 due date, even though my Dr. visits I will be 2 days behind that... no big, right?  Two days doesn't really mean anything towards the end anyway.  The baby will come when the baby is good and ready to. :)

My blood work from my last visit all came back great. I was concerned that I might be hypothyroid... he assured me I was not. My THS was 1.57... they like to see levels below 3. :) So YAY to good Thyroid function. Win.

I gained a pound... putting me at 137. BAH. Every lb I gain just makes me a little weepy. I put so much effort into losing that 27 lbs that I lost throughout the past year 1/2. Oh well. I will just have to put in the work again.

I am walking everyday like a good girl.

Ok. Symptoms. My symptoms are surprisingly not bad. I only get nausea at night as I am lying in bed trying to go to sleep, which is VERY annoying, but I don't go throughout the day feeling sick. That is a good thing. The "girls" are a bit tender but even that is subsiding a lot. I have some mild cramping, probably everything growing, shifting and moving around for the baby.

 MY HIPS ARE KILLING ME! This didn't usually become a problem for me until my 3rd trimester around week 32, but dude! My joints and Hips are murder... I can't get comfortable in my bed. I am really tired a lot. Yet I can't make myself go to sleep... INSOMNIA big time. 

I am not noticing any major food adversions. Some foods don't sound too appetizing, but not like pukey bad... just like meh, I'd rather eat something else. Mexican food doesn't appeal to me. Neither do Hot Dogs. AT ALL. Actually that induced a bit of a gag nausea reflex. Hot Dogs. YUCK... Moving a long. I am loving fruit juice. I had a severe apple craving last week where I had to have apple juice and asked Dave to bring home a bag of apples to make apple crisp. It was so delicious. :) ha. Today I had to get some Juicy Juice... you know how it has a distinct flavor? Yeah, that is what I was craving today.

Really, though, I have nothing to complain about. When my Dr. asked me how I was feeling...I told him "weird actually" ha. I told him I am not really nauseous except at night and it just isn't like any of my other pregnancies. I guess I am just lucking out... because I did chuck up with both Lindsey and Brendan.

Ok. So I think I am going to do a weekly update, but my appointments are every 4 weeks so May 25th will be my next REAL information update. I may even include a belly pic because I will be nearly 14 weeks.

Well. If you made it through all of that, then you really did want to keep up with my pregnancy because I just unloaded a butt ton of info. I hope you all have amazing weekends. See you here next week on Tuesday to celebrate week 10 :)

Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 8

April 21 was Dave and I's anniversary.  10th to be exact.  We didn't do anything amazing.  I was craving Jimmy John's, so we went and got subs.  I got a Veggie sub no mayo with salt and vinegar chips.  YUM.  I ate it all like a ravenous pig.  Then we got Fro-yo at Orange Leaf.  Yum.  Now I am feeling quite nauseous.  Yuck.  I may have eaten too much.  However, I was sort of celebrating... Why? Well...

April 21 was also my 1st Dr. appt for Baby #3.  I am 8 weeks along.  I went and had yet ANOTHER pregnancy test done for confirmation, then blood work, and weight.  I HATE GETTING WEIGHED... but this time wasn't so bad.  You see, I think I started this whole pregnancy thing out at 134 lbs.  I weighed in at 135.6  NOT BAD! right?  I totally expected 140-145 ha ha ha.  That is how HUGE I have felt lately (not because 145 lbs is huge, but because I was feeling 10 lbs heavier than the norm... that's what I meant).  So.  I was pretty happy with that.  WOO HOO!  On the right track.

So Next appointment should be fun.  I have an exam.  Blah.  I MIGHT get a chance to hear the heart beat, which will be awesome if it happens. :)  Next appointment is next Thursday.  Then after that my appointments will be every 4 weeks.

It's all been surreal.  Going into the Ob/gyn clinic that I never thought I would frequent again, at least not in the condition I am in! ha.  I am getting excited too, because this is something that I thought I would never EVER experience again... didn't think I wanted to, yet here I am giving it one more go, and it's kinda exciting.

Well.  That is all from me.  I am quite tired.  I need sleep.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Ten Years

Today I have been married for 10 years!  Holy Cow.

I thought I would just copy and paste today's facebook status.
"10 yrs ago today, I married the love of my life. A tall, funny, HOT, loving, awesome, talented, amazing person that God put on this Earth for me. Dave Martin some yrs were AWESOME, others rough, but I think it's a great thing that I can view our marriage today and say, I am SO glad I married you. You... Complete me. BAH HA HA HA! But seriously. I LOVE you! Happy Anniversary. :)"

I don't have any professional pictures of just him and I.  Maybe soon though. :) 

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Pregnant Schmamey Week 7

I am not sure how often I will blog this little series, but God willing, it will result in a healthy baby being added to my family.  I plan on blogging on my Dr. visits so I can be sure to have those interesting little tid-bits of information to share with you, so that means it will be monthly until week 32, then it will be bi-monthly, then at week 37 it will be weekly, up until you get the blog about this journey being over.

Keep in mind I am only 7 weeks so this means that there is still a high percentage rate of miscarriage.  This also means I have no baby bump, just bloating and pudge.  So.  No pictures until at least week 14.  Not because I will be showing, I usually don't look "pregnant" until week 20... but because at week 14 you will at least be able to see that a baby bump is trying to emerge... rather than right now, when it just looks like I can't lay off the fried chicken.

So how fat is Amy getting?  Well.  All of my jeans are tight.  BAH! ha.  I don't even like to think about going out because I look at my closet and think, what in the heck am I going to wear?  Ha ha ha.  I started this pregnancy at 135 lbs... I think I am tipping the scales at 138 right now.  Not good.  I have already put on 3 lbs.  I do not want to end this pregnancy any heavier than 155 lbs so you have my goal, let's see if I can accomplish it.

I have a nature trail right by my house so I have been walking about 2 miles daily.
My symptoms, I won't share all of them with you ;) ha, but for the most part have been a complete lack of energy, bloating, a bit of cramping, insomnia, bouts of nausea here and there, hunger, and sonar nose.

What is sonar nose, you may ask?  Well, I don't know about any other preggos, but when I am expecting my sense of smell goes haywire.  With Lindsey I wanted to smell freshly bleached whites coming out of the washer and lemon dish soap.  I don't remember with Brendan what I liked to smell, but this one, I have already found that wet pavement smells heavenly.  I know.  Weird.  We'll just have to wait and see what other smells grab my attention.

I have called to get in with the OB that delivered both my son and my daughter so I will probably have another update for you after that first appointment, but until then... I hope you enjoyed my pregnancy TMI.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Straws Make Drinking Anything Better.

I am a firm believer that straws can make drinking just about anything easier.  Notice I said "just about" so don't get all gross on me ;).  For me that anything is water.  I have such a hard time drinking water.  To me, I mind as well drink my spit.  I find that adding lemon, ice, and a straw help. :)
P.S.  I love drinking out of mason jars. :)

Today.  I did dishes like 3 times!  I promise the task is never-ending.  I then made dinner and watched 2 movies with Dave, Anthony, and Liz.

Believe it or not, I have NEVER seen the movie "Mean Girls," so Liz made sure that I fixed that really quick.
Then we  watched "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" which I have seen numerous times, but not in a while.  I love watching this movie with my brother because he can quote, word for word, the entire movie.  It's surprisingly not annoying.  It's funny actually.
I also made more no-bake cookies which I know I will regret tomorrow when I feel enormous.  Oh well.  I have to remind myself it's healthier than the alternative, which would be bavarian cream filled eclairs. SO!

As for the pregnancy.   Still pregnant.  Tuesday will begin my 6th week.  This week is going to be a big deal because I have only miscarried a pregnancy once and it was at 6 weeks.  I feel that if I make it through the 6th week, I should have a pretty good chance of going to term with this one.  Over all I am feeling good.  I feel fat and crampy among other things.  Starting to feel a tinge of nausea, so I fear morning sickness is on it's way.

That's about it.

I hope you all have a terrific Monday!  Make this week GREAT!

My goal is to get energetic this week and spring clean my house.  I CAN DO IT!