Sunday, April 3, 2011

Straws Make Drinking Anything Better.

I am a firm believer that straws can make drinking just about anything easier.  Notice I said "just about" so don't get all gross on me ;).  For me that anything is water.  I have such a hard time drinking water.  To me, I mind as well drink my spit.  I find that adding lemon, ice, and a straw help. :)
P.S.  I love drinking out of mason jars. :)

Today.  I did dishes like 3 times!  I promise the task is never-ending.  I then made dinner and watched 2 movies with Dave, Anthony, and Liz.

Believe it or not, I have NEVER seen the movie "Mean Girls," so Liz made sure that I fixed that really quick.
Then we  watched "Monty Python and the Holy Grail" which I have seen numerous times, but not in a while.  I love watching this movie with my brother because he can quote, word for word, the entire movie.  It's surprisingly not annoying.  It's funny actually.
I also made more no-bake cookies which I know I will regret tomorrow when I feel enormous.  Oh well.  I have to remind myself it's healthier than the alternative, which would be bavarian cream filled eclairs. SO!

As for the pregnancy.   Still pregnant.  Tuesday will begin my 6th week.  This week is going to be a big deal because I have only miscarried a pregnancy once and it was at 6 weeks.  I feel that if I make it through the 6th week, I should have a pretty good chance of going to term with this one.  Over all I am feeling good.  I feel fat and crampy among other things.  Starting to feel a tinge of nausea, so I fear morning sickness is on it's way.

That's about it.

I hope you all have a terrific Monday!  Make this week GREAT!

My goal is to get energetic this week and spring clean my house.  I CAN DO IT!


  1. Love the new layout!

    Reminds me of when I was a kid, refusing to drink anything without a straw ha!

    Monty Python is the best! I love life of brian and now for something completely different. The meaning of life is good too! Love the silliness!

    Shocked you've never seen mean girls til now, normally I'm the one who doesn't see the really popular films til years later! :) x

  2. Ditto, straws do help as do mason jars! Blek I don't like lemon water though, whatever works.

  3. Especially the red & white twirled straws right? WIN.

    & I have to admit, Mean Girls is a guilty pleasure of mine- Oops!?


  4. I agree about the straws - I tendency to miss my face sometimes and through my drink down the front of my shirt!

    I have a friend who can quote the whole of the Spanish Inquisition - it's really funny because he does it better with alcohol inside him (you'd think it would get worse that way round lol). Mean Girls - I was bought it on DVD for my birthday a few years back and I think I only saw it like twice since - maybe I should watch it again!

    Week 6 - Glad you're feeling okay - will pray it all goes well. My friend is about ready to deliver (due date is the 9th)

  5. I've been out of the loop with blogging lately so only just got the news - congrats on the pregnancy! How exciting! I hope everything works out perfectly.

    And I can't relate to the water thing. I LOVE water and can gulp it down like there's no tomorrow. But Monty Python and the Holy Grail? Heck yeah!

  6. Hooray! I love Mean Girls. What did you think of it? It is an awesome movie.

    And I know what you mean about water. If I am drinking water I have to have a lemon in it.

  7. Love that pretty mason jar pic! Reminds me of summertime!
    I need to see Mean Girls again. Don't ever think I've seen it all the way through.
    My brother is the same way with that movie! He quotes almost all of it, and he and my husband like to do the "swallow scene" from the beggining back and forth! So funny!
    Good luck with spring cleaning this week! I sooo need to do that!

  8. Love the mason jars! Everything tastes better when you drink it from a mason jar.

  9. I used to drink out of anything other than an actual cup. I would drink out of flipping measuring cups instead of a cup sometimes. haha! Now I just drink out of mugs, mason jars, and regular cups. ;]

    I cannot believe you had not seen "Mean Girls". I thought everyone had seen that movie at some point and time already. haha!

    As for the cookies, don't feel bad. I mean hey we only live once right. :]

    Yum. And straws= awesome invention. Thanks to you, I now need straws. Especially for orange juice ;)
    I had such a good weekend with you, as usual, and I'm excited for Thursday/Friday!!!
    Love you :)

  11. Ew I'm drinking water and now I feel like I'm drinking spit! haha. I was going to add lime to it today and I didn't have time running out the door for work. I love using straws in smoothies though, that's my favorite :)

  12. True dat! Straws really do make everything taste better. Also I never thought of water tasting like spit. YUCK. I really only drink lots of water after I work out, and then I like the taste of it. Hopefully your morning sickness will not be too bad when It does decide to show up! Fingers crossed that you make it past the six week mark!! Oh man I haven't seen MPTHG for so long! I love it when they are cutting off their limbs. and those crazy bunnies! LOL Now I must find and watch. I hope your having a lovely day!

  13. what did you think of mean girls? its one of my fave films ever, it's such a guilty pleasure!

    I've got my fingers crossed for you to get through your 6th week :) x

  14. How can you not like water?? I crave water! I have to drink it all day long haha but I can see your thinking about it being spit haha


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