Thursday, May 29, 2014

Summer School

It seems that a month has came and went since my last post, and I didn't even notice it at all.  I have these spurts where I have absolutely nothing interesting to blog about.  I know how blog readers prefer pictures to be the dominant feature in a blog post, and I, quite simply, have not had anything hugely interesting to take pictures of... but here is one of my daughter Avery... who is silly 99% of the time.

I have one more week of freedom before I have to hit the books for the summer.  Can I be honest and just tell you that I am not looking forward to taking classes during the summer?  I'm not.  I have to take my Introduction to Professional Nursing course and I have to give Statistics another go.  Both are online, and I hate online courses.  However, I am going to stop my negativity there.  With all of that said, I will do an about face and change my tune to excitement as I am half way to my degree.  Pretty cool.

What is on the horizon for me during the summer?  Well, first, this weekend I am getting some away time with the hubs.  Pretty excited to spend some time with him without kids and in another city. Next, my brother and his wife Liz are coming to visit for a bit, and I am getting a little giddy.  During that time, my birthday happens.  I turn into an even older fart.  35 on June 15.  Like sands through an hourglass.  On July 4th I am going to run my first actual 10k.  Then, I have my Basic Life Support Class.  Lastly, sometime between now and August I have to get vaccinated for school and figure out child care for my daughter Avery.  Okay, the further I got into that list, the more stressed and freaked out I became, soooooooo... back it up.

Long story short, I have a busy summer ahead of me, and much of it will not be exactly fun... but it will be productive and quite possibly result in some form of awesomeness.  Hopefully I am able to photo document some of it and slap it up here in blog form.

Happy Weekend and Happy "SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER" to you all.