Wednesday, November 30, 2011

40 Weeks

Well, I am completely 100% bummed out. I am crying blubbering mess right now. It's actually really embarrassing.  First off let's get the belly photo up... Here I am Full Term... 40 Weeks.

40 Week Belly
I don't think this picture shows how big I am very well, but oh well. I have very few clothes that fit me currently so this will have to do.

Anyway.  My appointment was very discouraging.  First of all, by not going into labor Monday, Tuesday, or even today... I missed my chance this week of having MY doctor deliver my baby.  This is such a huge disappointment for me.  This doctor has been my OB/gyn for nearly 11 years... since before I was having babies.  He delivered both Lindsey and Brendan.  I am an emotional wreck that he isn't on call for the rest of this week.  The doctor that is on call, I am not so sure about, but maybe he will surprise me and not be that bad, if I do go into labor this weekend.  I have heard conflicting reviews on him, but the people who like him REALLY like him.  So I should probably just relax.

My due date is tomorrow.  I am 100% sure of this because I am 100% sure of when my LMP was.  (if you don't know what LMP is... google it)... If this little girl is anything like her big sis, she will come tomorrow sometime.  If not... I am really... for once in my life, hoping that I make it through the weekend until my doctor is back on call.

So.  Not much else to tell.  Weight was 172... I am holding steady in that department.  I am feeling LOTS of pressure in my pelvic region.  Baby is getting into position I am sure. 

I wanted to leave you with some positivity even if I am not feeling very positive right now.

If you are trying to start a family or even thinking about having a baby, please don't let anything that I have said discourage you! OK... every pregnancy is different and everybody handles pregnancy different.  Some women love it, some hate it... I hate it... for the most part... but you could very well love it, so please... go forth and multiply.  Have babies.  It's so worth it.  My kids bring so much light to my world and it makes every bit of this worth it.  I hope to be able to follow along with some of your pregnancy blog posts soon.

As much as I claim to hate being pregnant, I want you all to know, I am over the moon excited about meeting this little girl... and I feel extremely blessed to have been able to carry three lives inside me!  It's been magical as well as annoying. ha.

I have an appointment Monday if I make it through the weekend still pregnant.  I will be getting an ultrasound to keep tabs on baby and make sure she is still doing ok.  If not... I will have a baby update for you soon.

Thank you all for following along on this journey and if I remain pregnant a bit longer, thanks for going through overtime with me.

Much Love.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

39 Weeks

ONE MORE WEEK LEFT!!! Holy moly!  I say one more week left because with Lindsey I delivered on my due date, and with my son, the day before... so I have a history of going to the day.  We'll see.

Here is my 39 week belly... and I do believe we have dropped a little!!! ha.
39 weeks (38.6 to be exact)
Almost finished! I can't believe it!  This pregnancy was so unexpected and when I found out, I was really disappointed.  Funny how time will change our minds.  I have come to be happy that I got to experience this insane journey one last time.  I have come to accept my weight gain.  I have come to accept that sometimes what we think is best for ourselves in life isn't always what IS best.  This pregnancy and baby were meant to be and I am so excited to see what is in store for little Avery.  I am excited at seeing her grow and the person she will be come.  Who will she look like, who will she act like?   I love watching the lives of my kids unfold.

Anyway.  My doctor appointment was today.  I am close to 2 cm dilated now with 85-90% effacement.  YIKES!  It's getting close.  My fundal height is measuring about 37-38 cm (weeks).  Nope, the baby didn't shrink... she dropped.  I was right.  So labor is right around the corner.  My bet is that I will go into labor early November 29th and have her the same day.  That is my prediction.  Feel free to make your own. :) 

My weight gain wasn't bad.  172.4.  I always expect the worst and it's never that bad really ha. 

So now I am just waiting for her to be ready to make her appearance.  Waiting for her to decide that mommy's torso is abnormally short and that she needs more space for wiggling around ha.  I can't wait to meet her.  I can't wait for you all to meet her.

Hopefully next time I blog, it will be with the birth story!  Woo hoo!

P.S.  I am getting a Keurig!!! What what!!! Yeah, I'm excited.  My Aunt Karen is giving me one she bought to use while she was in Arkansas taking care of her dad, my Uncle David... who had a really bad stroke.  She has since gone back to her home and she left me the Keurig... GAH!  So happy!  Crazy how something that makes hot beverages can make someone so giddy. 
Hope you all have the BEST Thanksgiving! 
It's my favorite and I am so excited for tomorrow! 

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

38 Weeks! What! What!

I can hardly believe this journey is almost over. As far as I know, this will be the last time EVER in my entire life that I will carry a baby inside my body. Baby Factory is closed. Going to get a tubal straight after delivery. If history is any indication, I will have a new baby in my arms by December 1.

Here is the 38 week belly. 38 weeks (37.6)
I think this might be one of my favorite maternity shots yet.  :)

Anyway.  Doctor appointment was fun.  Have I mentioned I love my Dr?  Seriously, if you live in Springfield, Ozark, or Nixa, and you need a rec for an OB/Gyn, I have one for you... just hit me up.

I joked around with him that my hopes aren't high for any progress to have been made.  He told me to stop being pessimistic ha.  I told him that I'm not pessimistic, I'm a realist.  It's half a glass of water, none of the half full half empty stuff. ha.  He laughed.  I told him, with both of my previous babies, when he would check for dilation and effacement it was the same story "fingertip dilated and 60% effaced."  He was like "well let's see."  ha ha ha.  He asked me my guess again so I told him and he said... 1 cm and 70% effaced.  HA!  So  while I wasn't exactly right, I was pretty darn close ha.  Anyway.  Basically that means baby could come anytime... or baby could stay in there for 3 or 4 more weeks. ha ha ha.  So essentially, it means NADA! NOTHING! ha ha ha.  So funny.  Oh well, it's nice to know if you are progressing or not.  1 cm and 70% effaced is better than being long and closed.  Even though, in the grand scheme of things, they mean the same darn thing, which is "nah nah nah nah nah nah, you don't know when labor will star."  Just sayin.

My doctor keeps telling me when I can go into labor because he will be on call.  I'm like, "I'm trying to tell her to come out!" ha.

Well.  That's the news.

Weight was another shocker.  I stepped on the scale, pointed at the scale and said "I hate you." It rewarded me with a .6 lb loss ha ha ha.  Thank you scale.  So currently the weight stands at 171.6.  That might have gone up since leaving the dr.  I have consumed 1/4 of a pineapple, 1 BBQ beef sandwich, a bowl of baked beans, and some jalepeno chips... as well as 10 oz Coke, 3 chocolate chip cookies, and a small glass of milk.  FATTY! ha.

And that's about all I have for you.  I am happy, I am good.  Just waiting for Avery to decide to make her appearance.  Whenever that may be.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

37 Weeks: I can just SEE the Finish Line!

Here I am in all my 37 week glory.  Full term BABY! 37 Weeks
I am so ready for this to be done with, I am not going to lie. ha. Then again, I think I was ready for this to all be over with the moment I took a positive pregnancy test.  I can barely turn myself over in bed.  My pelvic region hurts something viscious.  I cannot WAIT to be able to sleep normally. Not that I will be getting much sleep once baby comes... ha ha ha.  So maybe I should just suck it up.

Doctor appointment was today: Not much to speak of.  I gained 4 lbs ha ha ha.  170.6 lbs ha ha ha!  All I can do is laugh and just remember, I put it on, I can take it off. ha ha ha.  Weight aside, my doctor told me jokingly to go into labor this weekend because he is on call. I WISH!  I am such a 40 weeker though, it's highly unlikely.  Oh well.  Avery will come out when she is ready, but I am full term.

I have also started natural induction methods ha ha ha.  You know, the induction methods that don't work unless your body is ready to labor ha.  Like, I went and bought a container of fresh cut up pineapple from the grocery store and ate the whole thing.  I am going to have spicy chinese food tomorrow night.  It's all in good fun. It also helps pass the time in these last few weeks.  I plan on trying a few other things... don't worry, I have my limits.  I am not a Castor Oil type girl.  I would rather go to 40 weeks than drink that stuff.  BLECH!  I also can't use Evening Primrose Oil because my doctor doesn't like it.  At 39 weeks, I am going to have Dave massage some pressure points that are said to induce labor.  This baby is big though.  No doubt.  Anyway... that's the pregnancy update.

One thing that is making me suspicious that MAYBE labor is close is the fact that out of nowhere my feet and hands have swollen and I have started sweating a lot at night (TMI)... This happened shortly before I went into labor with Lindsey.  We will see.  I want her to come when she is good and ready and can do everything on her own and come home with me.  Matter of fact, that is my prayer "Dear God, as soon as Avery is able to make it and function on her own, then please let me go into labor!" ha ha ha.  If that's 40 weeks... so be it.

Update on starting school back up:  Bet you thought I wasn't really going to go through with it ha!  Ok.  I have ALWAYS struggled with math... but if I have the right teacher I can usually pull off a decent grade.  I took the compass test this past Saturday and I scored REALLY high in English.  I know a lot of people probably read my blog and think, with all the grammar mistakes she makes on her blog, I don't know how that happened.  Actually, I am quite proficient at English and Grammar.  I do get lazy with my blog.  Most of the time I really don't feel like going through my posts to make sure I am not being redundant or putting punctuation where it should be.  A lot of the time I will be satisfied with the extremely lazy "..."

Math... well, no shock here, I pretty much suck at it.  I can't do an algebra equation to save my life... LITERALLY!  If my life were on the line and the only way I could save it would be to do an algebra problem and get it correct, I really wouldn't be able to save my own life. ha ha ha.  Hopefully I can pick it up quick and do well though.

All I have left is to get some financial aid things squared away and then schedule my classes.  I am a crazy ball of mixed emotions.  I am an immediate results type person so the fact that I am embarking on a 4 year journey of bettering myself... it's going to drive me crazy, but I'm excited.

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

36 Weeks

Things are going good.  We are down to 4 weeks left.  Like I have said before, I am NOTORIOUS for going all the way to the end, so I don't expect this one to be any different.  Before I got pregnant my cycle was 26 days... according to that my due date is November 29th.  If I calculate by a typical 28 day cycle my due date is December 1... so we will see what Avery decides to do, but my bet is November 29th.

Here is my 36 week belly...
36 weeks...aaand and artsy fartsy one of me being all solemn (laughing at myself). 36 weeks
I had an appointment yesterday.  I was sad because my OB had a delivery and couldn't make my appointment, so I saw the nurse practitioner which isn't a bad thing, I just prefer my dr.  We did the test for Group B Strep.  YUCK!  My dr. was going to check for dilation and effacement, but the nurse didn't... so that is still a mystery.

Weight gain is GREAT! I have actually been staying the same or losing a lb! ha.  Last appointment I was 167... this appointment I was 166!!! I might actually make it to the end of this thing not exceeding my the weight I was at the end of my pregnancy with Lindsey, which was 169.  Now wouldn't that be nice? ha.

I put my Christmas tree up just as I promised.
As you can see there is a stray blue ornament in there... that would be one of the 3 handmade ornaments on the tree.  Otherwise it is decorated in all red and gold.

I know there are a lot of what I call the "Christmas Patrol" out there to ridicule anyone who decorates before Thanksgiving, but you don't scare me.  I am glad to have my tree up and I'm getting into the Holiday Spirit!  Next is Christmas music... DO YOU HEAR ME DAVE!  Christmas music! (insert maniacal laugh here)

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