Wednesday, November 30, 2011

40 Weeks

Well, I am completely 100% bummed out. I am crying blubbering mess right now. It's actually really embarrassing.  First off let's get the belly photo up... Here I am Full Term... 40 Weeks.

40 Week Belly
I don't think this picture shows how big I am very well, but oh well. I have very few clothes that fit me currently so this will have to do.

Anyway.  My appointment was very discouraging.  First of all, by not going into labor Monday, Tuesday, or even today... I missed my chance this week of having MY doctor deliver my baby.  This is such a huge disappointment for me.  This doctor has been my OB/gyn for nearly 11 years... since before I was having babies.  He delivered both Lindsey and Brendan.  I am an emotional wreck that he isn't on call for the rest of this week.  The doctor that is on call, I am not so sure about, but maybe he will surprise me and not be that bad, if I do go into labor this weekend.  I have heard conflicting reviews on him, but the people who like him REALLY like him.  So I should probably just relax.

My due date is tomorrow.  I am 100% sure of this because I am 100% sure of when my LMP was.  (if you don't know what LMP is... google it)... If this little girl is anything like her big sis, she will come tomorrow sometime.  If not... I am really... for once in my life, hoping that I make it through the weekend until my doctor is back on call.

So.  Not much else to tell.  Weight was 172... I am holding steady in that department.  I am feeling LOTS of pressure in my pelvic region.  Baby is getting into position I am sure. 

I wanted to leave you with some positivity even if I am not feeling very positive right now.

If you are trying to start a family or even thinking about having a baby, please don't let anything that I have said discourage you! OK... every pregnancy is different and everybody handles pregnancy different.  Some women love it, some hate it... I hate it... for the most part... but you could very well love it, so please... go forth and multiply.  Have babies.  It's so worth it.  My kids bring so much light to my world and it makes every bit of this worth it.  I hope to be able to follow along with some of your pregnancy blog posts soon.

As much as I claim to hate being pregnant, I want you all to know, I am over the moon excited about meeting this little girl... and I feel extremely blessed to have been able to carry three lives inside me!  It's been magical as well as annoying. ha.

I have an appointment Monday if I make it through the weekend still pregnant.  I will be getting an ultrasound to keep tabs on baby and make sure she is still doing ok.  If not... I will have a baby update for you soon.

Thank you all for following along on this journey and if I remain pregnant a bit longer, thanks for going through overtime with me.

Much Love.

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  1. I love that you decided to stick with doing pregnancy updates, it's been amazing watching the transformation and honest truth about the whole thing, we found out in september that we're expecting the end of May and i have had so much fun following your blog! I hope i look half as cute as you while i start to show (i'm short and have struggled with my weight also) Happy Birthing! I hope you get your dr to deliver :-)

  2. Woohoo, you made it!! Here's to hoping that sweet little girl will make her appearance fairly soon (and maybe quickly?..).
    Will be praying for peace with whatever happens on the doctory end of things; don't forget that God's got ya covered, sweet lady! <3

  3. I feel so sorry for you right now! At least you're being honest about what's happening to you! I hope the baby comes soon x

  4. I hope your due date proves correct...not that it won't either way, but I hope she makes an appearance! & I really hope you get to be with your doctor since this is so important. Much love girl. ♥

  5. Good luck, Amy! I know you want that baby out ;) (and I hope the other doctor turns out to be AMAZING!)

  6. Oh don't cry :( it's hard not to though, I cried at lot at the end of my pregnancy with sadie. I hope you last till your doctor is back on call. I'm excited that soon you'll have a tiny baby girl.

  7. good luck! fingers crossed that you make it through the weekend.

  8. and by that i mean, so that you can have your doctor deliver. not so that you can continue being preggers. :) just thought i'd clear that up!

  9. Amy you are still looking great! Thanks for being totally honest about this pregnancy. I dont have any kids but I always read posts of women so excited about being pregnant and never one peep of a complaint. And that is all fine and dandy but I like seeing a more realistic side to it as well!
    I hope that baby comes out when YOU want it to and I hope everything goes smoothly! Can't wait to see pics of little Avery!

  10. Awh! You are gonna do awesome amy! you look great and i can't wait for the avery posts to start. you rock socks and I hope you start feeling better (emotionally) hormones can suck big time. hang in there, keep your head up! you go girl!! :D

  11. you look amazing! i'm sorry you're so emotional and stressed and "over it." =] it'll all be over soon and you'll get to meet this beautiful bundle of joy!

  12. Good luck, Amy! I'm sure everything will be fine with the other doctor!! Can't wait to meet sweet Avery!
    Hugs xxx

  13. You haven't discouraged me at all :) Everyone has different experiences - my friend had a really bad labour and took for ever for her baby boy to arrive whereas another friend was nearly born into the toilet as her Mum's labour was so quick you would have needed a baseball glove to catch her lol.

    I was just a pain to my Mum - was 3 weeks premmy and then Mum was in labour from like 6am til 2:30pm. All in all I would like to have my own family and yeah it's going to be awkward and painful and all those things but there are so much joy that comes with that baby too :D

    Even Bella's crazy baby bump in Breaking Dawn doesn't deter lol.

  14. Chandar: Oh yay! I'm really glad you read them. CONGRATS on your soon to come bundle! so exciting! I clicked on your profile but didn't see a blog... and you don't have it set up where I can reply to your comment by email, so can you send me a link to your blog if you have one?

    To everyone else: Thank you for the support it means so much!

  15. Oh Amy, I feel so sad that you're so uncomfortable! I know Avery will come out when she's ready, but for your sake I hope it happens ASAP!!!

    <3 <3 <3


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