Thursday, December 1, 2011

Doing Better Today

I am feeling better about everything today.  Yesterday I was completely bummed out, but I had a time to reason it out with myself.  I am coming to terms with the fact that my doctor might not deliver my baby.  I am ok with going over my due date if that happens (which is looking likely since there is only 10 more hours left in today).  I have never actively tried to evict baby.  I have only ever done really cheesey self induction myths.  The only real reason I was doing any of those was to pass the time and have a little "what if" fun.  At first I was really upset about making it to my due date still pregnant, but I know that she has to come out sometime, and how exciting is it to wait for your body to do it's thing naturally?  I am scared of medical induction anyway after my experience with Brendan.  His birth story can be found here.

Did you know that Doctors STILL don't know what triggers labor to begin?  There is speculation and theories but nobody really knows what starts that process of progesterone drop to trigger a sequence of events and hormone releases in your body for baby to make his/her way out?  I find that interesting.  They know the hormones, they know how to mimic it, but they don't know what NATURALLY triggers a woman's body to go into labor.  I thought that was neat.

So.  While I sit and wait for baby to come I did my belly growth progression photo.
33-40 week bump progression
It's really neat to me how you can see how she moved to different positions in my belly on different days, just by how my belly is shaped or how high and low it is.  I was really glad that I took weekly photos to document this.  I regret not doing this with my other two.  I am thankful I have one pregnancy photo documented though.  I love that I can look back at my blog and remember all the cravings, weight gain, excitedness, grumpiness, irrational thought, happiness, discontentment... it's all here and I can read back on it and remember these moments that are so quickly forgotten.

Anyway.  Signing out... a more positive thinking, but VERY pregnant, Amy.

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  1. Wow! Weeks 35-36 & 38-39 have big changes! You can definitely tell when she dropped or moved. If you look at 37 compared to 39 there's a huge difference! Anyway. Lol...this is so cool Amy! I'm glad you got to document this time of life. Everything you felt, craved & how you looked. I think pregnancy is beautiful & that you wear it well. {even if you don't agree} I also love how weeks 33, 37 & 39 you look extra happy! 39 was like, yay baby! & then 40 you're like...what the crap?! Lol! You're cute! Good luck at getting her out naturally! I agree that the drug induction would be weird but that's cool to know that doctors still don't know how the body decides it's ready. ♥

  2. That is so cool how you were at least able to document your last pregnancy. I am hoping your body decides to go into labor naturally because induction would suck but if it has ti happen then I guess it will have to happen but I really hope you don't have to go through that again.

  3. Wow....I am amazing at how the belly changes throughout! Sooo cool! I know that little baby is gonna come out and see us all soon. Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. Correction...I just read Brendan's birth story. My sweet friend...that scared the mud outta me. Did I mention that I sorta love and adore you and your family...well, I do!!! I am gonna spend my time praying that you have a very safe delivery. I'm so thankful you and that delightful little boy came through alright. Love you, Janna Lynn :)

  5. Hope you make it through the weekend! And Brendan's birth story scared the crappers out of me too! Lol. Good luck with everything! xox

  6. I love those photos, it is so interesting to see the changes!
    Hope all will go well! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
    Hugs xxx

  7. Can I just are really beautiful. I hope that I'm this pretty at 40 weeks. :)


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