Friday, December 2, 2011

Aaaaand Today is Going to be Rough.

One step forward two steps back.  That seems to be true to me at least.  Yesterday I was a bit more optimistic.  I even had fun.  My friend Becca from Life in Technicolor brought over these crazy cookies called "Break My Water Cookies" ha ha ha.  They are like spicey gingerbread cookies.  I knew they would do nothing to get labor going but it was a fun idea and I ate like 5 of them, and they were really good.  Then we walked around Walmart and talked a lot.  She is an awesome person.

While at Walmart we found PEPPERMINT MARSHMALLOWS!!! Pretty much the best invention ever.  So I had hot chocolate and peppermint marshmallows last night.  Yum.

This morning... woke up not feeling so happy and optimistic.  It wasn't truly horrible until I remembered that last night I had to fold down the panel on my maternity jeans because it was cutting into my belly too much... then I remembered how they kept rolling down and not staying up.  Then realization hit... I HAVE NOTHING TO WEAR ANYMORE!  I have one pair of maternity jeans... they aren't working anymore... and my shirts are starting to climb up my belly.  So what do I do?  I cry...

Then I remember "everything's not lost" and I get out my "big jeans" that I bought at the thrift store for after I have the baby... I get innovative and use one of my lycra cammies... I don't put the shoulder straps on and pull it down over the top of my unbuttoned/unzipped jeans and I think I have a solution worked out...
(ignore my messy mirror, my kids sometimes don't know how to spit their toothpaste in the sink... as for the counter mess, that's all me, ha!)
Then I am cleaning the kitchen and spill bacon grease all over the jeans... solution ruined and I'm back to the "depths of dispair"... 

40 Weeks 1 Day...
waiting on you Avery.

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  1. Oh Amy, I wish I could give you a big hug! I have been thinking about you non stop just sending you lots and lots of happy pregnancy thoughts.

    I will keep thinking of you! She obviously has some other plans and knows what day she is wanting to come out. She sounds a little stubborn to me! ;)

  2. =( She's almost here...just keep that chin up. Find some big dresses or something. ♥

  3. misslarissabree, you may be right.
    CaL: I have no big dresses. I have NOTHING to wear. I am not exaggerating.

  4. i know how you feel. with my youngest son, i went to the doctor one week and i was dilated to 2. the very next week, i was back to 0. wth???

  5. :(
    So sorry girl! That's the worst feeling ever!
    I think your solutions was pretty inventive though! I know I wouldn't have thought of that!

  6. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear! I thought your solutions were pretty inventive as well, just like @amylou said! Hang in there, feel hugged! xxx

  7. I'm praying that Avery{I love that name!} comes SOON! very soon :)

    much love♥

  8. what brand are the peppermint marshmallows??? i haven't seen a wal-mart since moving to NYC ( so weird...)


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