Saturday, December 3, 2011

Still Pregnant. 40 weeks +2 days.

I'm still with child ha ha ha. I'm in a stage of pregnancy that I lovingly refer to as "Pregnancy Overtime" :)

Last night Dave and I got the kids watched. We were going to go out to eat but I started having painful contractions that were 4-5 minutes apart. I thought that we might be having a baby. HA. NOT! After timing them for about an hour, they fizzled out. Again. So I am still pregnant.  We did go eat thought... at Wendy's.  Then we went grocery shopping, and went home and watched Thor... WHICH I REALLY LIKED... surprisingly.

I am not too upset about this, I promise. The only tough part is the waiting and not knowing. Is labor beginning? Is it not?  It's also rough when the baby has bouts of not moving.  This happened last night.  I drank some orange juice though and she started pretty much dancing around in there. ha.

My clothes situation is fixed for now.  I am using the larger jeans I got for me to wear post baby and just putting my tight cammies over the top.  I really wish I would have thought of this earlier.  They have these things called Bella Bands at Target and other stores, but I never bought one because I couldn't imagine spending thirty some odd dollars on a stretchy tube of fabric to put over the top of my jeans during pregnancy.  This solution is much cheaper and it works fairly well.  I am now more optimistic that I can make it a few more days or another whole week if I have to.

Not sure how often I will be updating.  So far it's been daily since going into overtime... it helps pass a little bit of time.  I guess I just want to remember my frame of mind.  Most pregnant women are doing everything in their power by week 37 to evict baby.  I did a few things that were supposed to help, like eating a whole fresh pineapple, eating spicey food, eating eggplant, and a couple of other things that aren't appropriate for blogging ha... but never castor oil.  Castor oil tends to have the highest rate of success, but I seriously don't feel like putting myself or my baby through that, so I have steered clear.

Self induction methods are really just a way to pass the time for me.  You know they won't work, but there's always that "what if"... so it adds some fun to this not so fun time.  If you go into it knowing it won't send you into labor, it won't frustrate you either.  The bottom line is, the only way to truly force your body into labor, and even occassionally this won't work, is to be medically induced.  I do NOT want to be induced... so I am really hoping my body gets it's act straight.

Well.  Here's to hoping Saturday doesn't DRAG on.

P.S. Every now and then I like to plug blogs.  I really like this one.  She is expecting a baby and she loves animals!  She has some wicked cool tattoos and she is really nice!  So stop by her blog and check her out...

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  1. have you tried pushing the pressure points on your palms? they didn't put me into active labor, but i did have contractions every time i tried.

  2. bahaha I love you. " not appropriate for blogging"

  3. Hoping it passes quickly for you! I remember the days before my daughter arrived I wrote almost daily on my blog and love to reminise on how crappy I felt like I'd be pregnant "forever" and then suddenly she was here and I forgot all about it.

    P.S I used Castor oil (only 1/2 tablespoon) with my daughter and I will for sure do it again this time if I am over my due date. It was not a bad experience at all. I think some women take too much and that's why they have not so fun experiences. And it will only work if your body is ready for labor anyway. But I was at my wits end and totally don't regret the decision to use it.

  4. avery knows it is getting cold outside and just wants to stay where it is warm! just think. if you make it till monday you get your doctor! try and remember that there is a reason for everything! and God's timing is always perfect =] <3

  5. both my boys went into overtime. I know that are huge, tired, and can't wait for the little one to get out.

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