Sunday, December 4, 2011

40 weeks + 3 days

Still here and very much pregnant.  No contractions.  Everything is feeling snug and tight.  I am getting a little down about it, because there is NOTHING absloutely nothing that I can do to make baby come out.  I have exhausted all of the silly self induction methods to no avail. 

Before you overload me with "baby will come when baby is ready" comments... just know that unless you are in my shoes you have NO IDEA how frustrating this is.  Even those who have been in my shoes... a lot of them have forgotten how they felt being over due.  I am not unhappy at still being pregnant.  I promise.  I am fine with that.  What I am not fine with is that everyday over my due date I go, my placenta is aging and baby is growing bigger.  I am running out of space and I am stressing out over every span of non movement from baby.  I am also stressing because I don't want a medical induction.  I want to go into labor on my own.  I am upset because I have a mandatory STAR meeting to attend to schedule my classes for January on December 15.  Everyday I go over due, it is making that meeting much more difficult to attend. 

I am not trying to be downer, but this is just how it is for me right now.  I am trapped and have no control over anything.  My emotions are up and down.  One minute I am content and fine, but the next I'm pleading with the baby to come out already.

I know complaining does no good, but neither does pretending that everything is wonderful and great. 

At least they decreased the snow prediction for tomorrow.  I love a good snow, but I'd like to be able to get to the hospital.  For one, I have an ultrasound early in the morning.  For two, if I go into labor tonight, I'd like the driving conditions to not be dangerous. 

Well.  I think that is all for my complaining.  Right now, I am feeling no contractions.  Occasional braxton hicks, but nothing regular.  Even after walking all day yesterday, I feel no different.  If I go into labor tonight, it will be a Christmas Miracle.

Sorry if these posts are annoying.  They are more for me than anyone else... just to get out what I'm feeling.  I like to know that I can look back on this and see exactly what was going on in my head.  I am discouraged, frustrated, and worried.  That is how I am feeling on this 3rd day past my EDD.

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  1. I've been there and it blows. I was a week over with my son and every morning I would wake up crying my eyes out that I didn't go into labor overnight. Hang in there!

  2. Oh, I totally understand every single one of your thoughts! I really hope for you that little Avery decides to make her appearance - everyone is so waiting for her! You are in my thoughts - tight hugs xxx

  3. Sometimes you just gotta...hee hee..bitch. :) If it helps and makes you feel better...I'm all about it. I would imagine that would be super frustrating! I can't even imagine. I love you and want that baby to come on out. Take care sweetie! Love ya, janna lynn

  4. I'm six days past so I am RIGHT.WITH.YOU.
    And not to be a downer, but don't you hate it when you just happen to see all those mommies who swear that all those natural induction methods worked for them? I die.

    Well, at least we know they'll for sure be here super soon regardless? (Said with a confident yet iffy there such a thing?).
    Hang in there <3

  5. Poor, poor girl. Thinking of you, honey!

  6. Hope the baby comes to this world soon! All the best vibes your way!!! :D


  7. Well, if you believe dreams are any indication of things to come then you will have Avery tomorrow because I dreamed you had her on Monday after your regular doctor was back on call. Hoping and praying this becomes reality. :-)

  8. Hope she pops out soon! My daughter was born after her due date and I remember it being the most uncomfortable and worrying time, and then she was breach and I had to have a c-section anyway! Best of luck for this week, at least your normal doctor is on call now! xox


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