Monday, December 5, 2011

40 Weeks + 4 days

Oh my GOOOOOOOSH! ha.  Never in my wildest imagination did I think I would be here 4 days past my due date STILL PREGNANT!!! It just never crossed my mind!

I'm going to attempt to be as positve as possible about this.  Had my Non Stress Test today.  For those who have never been pregnant or who may have never had to have a NST, it's basically where they put this tight belt around your belly to monitor contractions and baby's heart beat and you have to press a button everytime you feel baby move.  The NST went well.  Baby scored perfectly.  Way to go Avery.  I was contracting regularly... duh.  The tech was all excited about this, but I know the difference between productive and not productive contractions... those were all braxton hicks.  Regular braxton hicks, but nothing that will get baby out.

Then I had a diagnostic ultrasound.  They took the baby's measurements to see how big she is averaging... she is looking to be 8lbs 6oz right now.  Although ultrasound measurements can be off, I tend to believe this one.  ha.  She feels bigger than my other two.  My fluid levels are GREAT which means my placenta is healthy which also means I could go another week or two ha.  I HOPE NOT!!!

I am VERY thankful that all is healthy with her.  So thankful you have no idea... Wanted to get that out there before anyone jumped on my case about "I should just be happy she's healthy" because I am, it's a huge relief... but keep in mind, the longer she stays in, the likeliness of her passing meconium in the sac increases... and that has it's dangers.  Even though my placenta is healthy now, doesn't mean it will be in a few days or next week.  So.  Yes, I am thankful, but on the same thought, I am very much ready to have her safely out.

We are scheduling an induction for Friday or Saturday if baby doesn't come on her own before then.  My doctor is only on call until 5pm tomorrow, then he will be out Tuesday night, Wednesday and Thursday.  As much as I want my doctor to deliver, at this point I really just want to have baby so I could care less who gets her out of me.

I don't think I am going to be taking anymore weekly photos.  I might take one with my phone, but I am just over this whole pregnancy.  It's not exciting to me anymore.  The top of my belly feels like it could rip open, my pubic bone feels like it will break in two with the slightest movement... my heartburn is out of control, I'm swelling...  It's just past the point of being any kind of fun.   I cry anytime anyone gives me sympathy or talks about me still being pregnant... I am seriously overly emotional right now.  If I have down time, I sit there and shake my head at this whole situation.

Well.  Sorry if anyone is offended by any of this.  It's just my feelings.  I am a pretty honest gal.  I know no other way to be. 

I know that some of you women out there have gone more overdue than I currently am, but trust me, once you go past that due date... it's just all overdue.

Well.  I am going to get back to doing some housework... hopefully I get some REAL contractions going.


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  1. You know I feel for you, girl!
    I can't imagine how ready you are.
    I know I went a week over, but I definitely didn't have to deal with some of the stuff you are.
    You're such a trooper! Not much longer, just try to remember that.
    Easier said than done, I know. : )

  2. Thanks Lydia. I know there are people that have it worse... I didn't expect her to come earlier... I fully expected another due date baby. I think I would have done my self a huge favor if I would have just planned to go over my due date ha. If she stays in there until Friday or Saturday I will be 41 weeks 2 days. What a pregnancy for the girl who didn't want to be pregnant to begin with ha. It's really not all that bad though. I have to remind myself. She is healthy and she has to come out soon. ha. Thank you for being so supportive!

  3. "Once you go past that due date... it's just all overdue."

    A to the men.
    Looking forward to seeing that cute little face soon.. which is uhh probably like the understatement of the year haha :)

  4. Carissa Marie: I am so glad you understand me! ha. So does Lydia ha. She just had an overdue baby too... but she handled it with a lot more grace than I am. ha. :)

  5. I think it's crazy that you're overdue since you knew exactly when your due date was. You know how sad I feel for you. I've been thinking about you today and wishing progress your way. I'm hoping the real contractions will stick around. I know you are miserable and ready for her to arrive. Hopefully this is your last pregnancy post ;)

    You have to take just one more picture (either when you're walking out the door or when you're at the hospital. Trust me. It will pay off a year from now. I was looking through Selah's birth day pictures and cracking up at the picture of me on the way out the door to the hospital. I look so huge and miserable then but it's hilarious now.

  6. Becca, you're right, I will regret not having that last picture. I HOPE I GET TO TAKE IT TONIGHT!!! PLEASE OH PLEASE! ha. Thank you for being there for me so faithfully through this last bit. You have been amazing, and I owe you BIG TIME!

  7. You are welcome! If I am overdue with my next baby I expect you to walk the mall with me and bring me water break cookies haha. And make me that eggplant pasta. Then we'll be even!

  8. I cannot imagine what it is like to be overdue. Hang in there Amy and it has to be tough the last month of pregnancy is not easy.

  9. Ah man, i kept thinking today..."I bet she'll have that baby today!" Hang in there, maybe tonight will be the night :-) ahhhh, the joys i have to look forward to! ;-)

  10. Gosh! You must have one comfy uterus! :P I hope she comes before you have to be induced, I'd also love to see the list of things you've tried to go into labour! Best of luck xoxox

  11. Thinking of you Amy! and praying!


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