Tuesday, December 6, 2011

40 Weeks + 5 days Still here in the Pregnant Condition

Yes. I'm still pregnant.  Emotions are in check today.  Yesterday wasn't such a great day for me.

Today, I took it easy.  I sat on the couch for a lot of it and watched Vampire Diaries... I know, I'm a dork... but it's actually a good show.

Anyway.  I got a phone call from my Ob's office.  They scheduled my induction for Friday morning at 6am.  So I'm prettty certain I will no longer be pregnant by the days end on the 9th.  I am still holding out hope that she comes on her own.  I would love for my last experience with childbirth to be as natural as possible.  I can't make my body go into labor though.  Someone mentioned wanting to know what all I have tried... well, let me see if I can make a list of it... WARNING some may be TMI! But they are all actual suggested methods so just cover your eyes and sing "la la la la" if you really don't want to know... ha.
Pineapple (fresh with pieces of the core)
spicey food
chinese food
water break cookies
expressing milk (nipple stimulation)
pressure point massage (accupressure)
hot showers
eggplant parmeseana (2x)
raspberry leaf tea
chai tea

I'm not sure if I am missing anything, but seriously, I have tried everything except Castor Oil and Evening Primrose Oil.  The EPO my doctor nixed.  He said it wasn't proven to work and has only given some of his patients infections so he said no to that.  I never asked him about Castor oil, but if I know my Dr. he wouldn't be for it... So.  There you have it.  My self induction methods failed and TMI for the day.

Oh well.  This will all be over on Friday.  Not the way I intended but I trust my Dr. and I trust that everything will be ok.

I am getting really excited to meet her!  Seriously you all.  It's starting to become reality that I will have another child in my arms.

Thank you all again for going along with me on this.  I know sometimes I could be "debbie downer" and I never want to discourage anyone... I just wanted this account of this pregnancy to be accurate.  I think you all understand that.  I could have pretended everything was awesome and happy all the time, but that just isn't me.  I like a good candy coating, but only on Peanut Butter M&M's... :)

Keep your eye out.  Next update will be baby and birth story, then this blog will be getting a break.

Thanks for the support and encouragment,

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  1. That's exciting!
    I wish you all the best. :)

  2. i like you because you're honest. pregnancy isn't easy (not that i would know...) but you don't sugar coat it or make everything fine and dandy when it sure as heck is not. i'm the biggest toddler in the world and if i were 40 weeks and 5 days pregnant, you can bet i'd be doing a lot more complaining than you. =]

  3. :) The Vampire Diaries is an AWESOME SHOW.

  4. THREE DAYS! You will have your lovely girl in your arms in three days or less! Amy, I am so excited for you! I know these last days are so hard, but the end is here! I keep checking IG and now I'll be checking on Path. If I can figure it all out that is. :) My midwife said no EPO up the hooha, but she said I could take the pills by mouth. Would your doctor be okay with that? Is that what you meant and now I've made a bit of an ass of myself by saying up the hooha? Haha! Also, you are not a downer at all. Truth is better, agreed. :) Can't wait to hear about AC's arrival!

  5. Yay! Thanks for putting up the list, I was soo intrigued! I'd love the recipe for the water break cookies, you made them sound really yummy :P
    I've enjoyed all your 'overdue' posts, it's nice to see that everyone's human, and sugar-coaters annoy me!
    And trying to stay positive in your situation is pretty awesome too!!
    Enjoy the rest of the week and relax, maybe she'll come when you're not even thinking about it! Good luck!! xoxox

  6. Love TVD and can't wait to meet sweet Avery! Hang in there, Mama! You can do it! xxx

  7. You really did try everything!
    Oh and Vampire Diaries is my favorite! I'm always chatting about it with Janna, Heidi, and Taryn on twitter. We are all kinda nerds about it. Can't wait for the new season! Damon is such a hunk!
    Can't wait to meet little Avery! So exciting!


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