Wednesday, December 7, 2011

40 Weeks + 6 days (basically 41 weeks)

STILL HERE and pregnant! ha.  Today was an ok day for my temperament.  I cried twice. ha.  I know that I said I wouldn't take anymore pregnancy pictures, but I was just emotional and grumpy.  Here is my 41 week belly.
41 weeks
These are the jeans that I spilled bacon grease on.  FINALLY got the stain out.  I should have figured it would take hot water and stain remover...dur.

Anyway.  I took a 41 week picture because I knew I would be sad if I didn't have a weekly photo to tell the story of how I was pregnant a week longer than I should have been.

I have 32 hours from now to go into labor on my own.  If not I will be induced on Friday.  I don't know if I will update tomorrow or not.  I might... especially if I am really nervous about the induction and if I am wanting to pass the time...

Have a happy Wednesday night and Thursday day.  I will try.

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  1. My goodness, Amy, you poor thing. I think your daughter should really consider coming out now....

  2. avery is gonna be a DIVA. =] haha you're beautiful. cheer up, butter cup! the end is in sight!!!

  3. I think she is coming tonight!!

    good night and good luck

  4. just wanted to drop in and tell you how gorgeous i think you look. :) but at the same time, avery needs to learn to be a little bit more considerate to mama!

  5. You look absolutely beautiful, Amy. And I agree with Carrie, I totally think she's coming out before Friday. :]

  6. You are ridiculously gorgeous! I love your outfit and I agree, you definitely needed to take a picture. Thinking of you and your new little one! Maybe baby is on the way right away!

  7. Oh. My. God.
    Your stomach is sooooooooo big.
    I hope you get to meet her asap. :)
    Good luck!

  8. Aw, Amy, I'm sure everything will be just fine! Avery will be here in no time! xxx

  9. You look beautiful! I hope Avery comes before Friday, but if she doesn't good luck for the induction! xoxox

  10. I bet you will be glad you got this photo! So pretty!
    Hurry little Avery! :)

  11. Looking beautiful at 41 weeks :) Best of luck in the coming hours

  12. Hopefully Avery will make an appearence for you before friday, but if not all the best of luck for your induction :)

  13. San: I KNOW! Right?

    Larissa: I definitely see the light at the end of the tunnel more than I did before! ha.

    Carrie: We shall see! ha. If not... Friday will be a great day for a birthday.

    Deanna: Thank you!!! :) and FOR REAL! ;)

    Mandy: :) Thank you!

    alovelylittleworld: Thank you! I so hope I just begin labor naturally, it would be the blessing of all blessings.

    Wallflower: Well. I am 41 weeks pregnant. ha ha ha. Sheesh. ;) If my stomach wasn't huge, I would worry! ha.

    Chrissy: Thanks, I know. I am cheering up I promise!

    Morgan: Thank you!

    Amylou: Yes, I will. I thought it would be a shame to tell people how I was still pregnant at 41 weeks and not have the photo to show with it. :)

    Tyler: Thank you!!

    Kitty: Thank you!

  14. Oh Amy, I hope she's decided to make an appearance now (on her own

    Good luck with the next part of the journey - I can't wait to see little Avery (if your other kids are anything to go by she'll be a cutie pie!!!)


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