Monday, April 25, 2011

Week 8

April 21 was Dave and I's anniversary.  10th to be exact.  We didn't do anything amazing.  I was craving Jimmy John's, so we went and got subs.  I got a Veggie sub no mayo with salt and vinegar chips.  YUM.  I ate it all like a ravenous pig.  Then we got Fro-yo at Orange Leaf.  Yum.  Now I am feeling quite nauseous.  Yuck.  I may have eaten too much.  However, I was sort of celebrating... Why? Well...

April 21 was also my 1st Dr. appt for Baby #3.  I am 8 weeks along.  I went and had yet ANOTHER pregnancy test done for confirmation, then blood work, and weight.  I HATE GETTING WEIGHED... but this time wasn't so bad.  You see, I think I started this whole pregnancy thing out at 134 lbs.  I weighed in at 135.6  NOT BAD! right?  I totally expected 140-145 ha ha ha.  That is how HUGE I have felt lately (not because 145 lbs is huge, but because I was feeling 10 lbs heavier than the norm... that's what I meant).  So.  I was pretty happy with that.  WOO HOO!  On the right track.

So Next appointment should be fun.  I have an exam.  Blah.  I MIGHT get a chance to hear the heart beat, which will be awesome if it happens. :)  Next appointment is next Thursday.  Then after that my appointments will be every 4 weeks.

It's all been surreal.  Going into the Ob/gyn clinic that I never thought I would frequent again, at least not in the condition I am in! ha.  I am getting excited too, because this is something that I thought I would never EVER experience again... didn't think I wanted to, yet here I am giving it one more go, and it's kinda exciting.

Well.  That is all from me.  I am quite tired.  I need sleep.


  1. Oh my gosh that froyo looks so good, I might just have to go get some tonight! Not bad at all on the weight gain so far! I'm pretty sure I've gained more than that just this past weekend! haha.

  2. I'm commenting that I'm excited for you! And now I'm ready for bed. It is hard to be pregnant when you are as short as I am, with not a lot of room for the baby to grow. You are doing a great job with the weight. :-)


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