Thursday, April 28, 2011

Week 9

I had my Doctor appointment today.

I am 9 weeks along. I love my Dr. Some may think it is weird to have a male OB, but this guy has delivered both of my babies and I just feel comfortable having had him as my OB/gyn for nearly 10 years now. It was surreal to see him again in this situation. Last thing we discussed nearly 5 years ago was what form of Birth Control I wanted to be on. I told him none, because I don't react well to my hormone levels being messed with. He told me to be sure, because nothing else is fail safe and I would end up pregnant again. I was like NAH. ha ha ha. So. He kinda gets an "I told you so" even though he didn't take advantage of it. ha.

So. Had an exam. Hopefully everything comes back ok. He said that I seem like I am a little bit farther along than 9 weeks but not much.  I knew this already because my cycle is not the typical 28 day cycle.  According to my cycle length I am due November 29th... only 2 day difference from December 1st... so not a big deal.   On my blog I will update according to the 11/29 due date, even though my Dr. visits I will be 2 days behind that... no big, right?  Two days doesn't really mean anything towards the end anyway.  The baby will come when the baby is good and ready to. :)

My blood work from my last visit all came back great. I was concerned that I might be hypothyroid... he assured me I was not. My THS was 1.57... they like to see levels below 3. :) So YAY to good Thyroid function. Win.

I gained a pound... putting me at 137. BAH. Every lb I gain just makes me a little weepy. I put so much effort into losing that 27 lbs that I lost throughout the past year 1/2. Oh well. I will just have to put in the work again.

I am walking everyday like a good girl.

Ok. Symptoms. My symptoms are surprisingly not bad. I only get nausea at night as I am lying in bed trying to go to sleep, which is VERY annoying, but I don't go throughout the day feeling sick. That is a good thing. The "girls" are a bit tender but even that is subsiding a lot. I have some mild cramping, probably everything growing, shifting and moving around for the baby.

 MY HIPS ARE KILLING ME! This didn't usually become a problem for me until my 3rd trimester around week 32, but dude! My joints and Hips are murder... I can't get comfortable in my bed. I am really tired a lot. Yet I can't make myself go to sleep... INSOMNIA big time. 

I am not noticing any major food adversions. Some foods don't sound too appetizing, but not like pukey bad... just like meh, I'd rather eat something else. Mexican food doesn't appeal to me. Neither do Hot Dogs. AT ALL. Actually that induced a bit of a gag nausea reflex. Hot Dogs. YUCK... Moving a long. I am loving fruit juice. I had a severe apple craving last week where I had to have apple juice and asked Dave to bring home a bag of apples to make apple crisp. It was so delicious. :) ha. Today I had to get some Juicy Juice... you know how it has a distinct flavor? Yeah, that is what I was craving today.

Really, though, I have nothing to complain about. When my Dr. asked me how I was feeling...I told him "weird actually" ha. I told him I am not really nauseous except at night and it just isn't like any of my other pregnancies. I guess I am just lucking out... because I did chuck up with both Lindsey and Brendan.

Ok. So I think I am going to do a weekly update, but my appointments are every 4 weeks so May 25th will be my next REAL information update. I may even include a belly pic because I will be nearly 14 weeks.

Well. If you made it through all of that, then you really did want to keep up with my pregnancy because I just unloaded a butt ton of info. I hope you all have amazing weekends. See you here next week on Tuesday to celebrate week 10 :)


  1. don't think of the pounds as gaining weight but gaining more baby love :)

  2. well it sounds like things are going pretty great so far and i am glad to hear it! :D hot dogs make me puke and always will. they are some nasty, nasty things so i don't blame you. ;]

  3. Mars: I will try! :)

    Kinsey: Dude. When I'm not pregnant I love me an all beef hot dog every now and then. But BLECH right now... it just BLECH! I gotta stop talking about it ha ha ha. They are vile things though.

  4. Agree with LTV! Your body is totally getting ready for the babe. And I love hearing about this stuff! It's so interesting to me! Congrats again :)

  5. It sounds as if things are going wonderfully. I am so happy for you guys! And I, too, agree with little tree vintage. :)

  6. Stephanie, thank you for the encouragement!

    Lydia: Thank you and OK OK I will try and not stress so much about my weight.

  7. Amy you are beautiful! I agree with Lydia and Little Tree, it's baby love! You're staying active (when the weather lets you), so you will be healthy and I'm praying you will be pleasantly surprised after the baby is born!

    Now to the constipation, if you can drink it, prune juice worked wonders for my friend with all five of her pregnancies. (Personally I cannot stand it! And I don't remember what I did).

  8. Thanks for the update! I love reading about pregnancy as I am trying to concieve but I have PCOS so it has been kinda difficult. Enjoy every minute of it!!

  9. So happy to hear things are going well for you! I love the juicy juice craving haha!! How random, but then again, aren't they always?! Umm and yea guy gyno, totally cool in my book. All of mine have been and I've really liked them all. My Dr that delivered Ariana was Dr. Sean McFadden, totally a rockstar name and he was awesome, glad you're able to use the one that delivered your other 2 :)

  10. I am glad to hear things are going well. I am just thinking how it has been so long since I was last pregnant. I can't wait to see belly pictures. Hope your hips feel better.

  11. Great, now I'm craving hot dogs. HA!

  12. I love that your Dr. could have said, "I told you so," but didn't! What a nice guy! It sounds like everything is going well and the annoying stuff is just that, annoying, not terrible, so woohoo! =)

  13. Hooray! I am so excited for the updates. Seriously hearing about other peoples pregnancies make me giddy. Maybe we will be pregnant at the same time:) I am thinking of september.. But I really need to get my weight in control first.. because I don't want to start my pregnancy being up this much. So it is good you lost 27 pounds.. Just think atleast now you wont have to lose the whole 27 pounds PLUS whatever you gained in the pregnancy. You are doing great:)


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