Tuesday, May 3, 2011

10 Weeks!

We are in week 10. Let me tell you things are strange. This pregnancy is so unlike my others. I am usually nauseous all day long, but with this one, it hits at about 6:30pm and lasts until sometime while I'm sleeping at night. It's really weird. I have food adversions, but they aren't strong. I really don't love Mexican food right now. I think I could eat a burrito from some place like Qdoba, but authentic Mexican food is out. I am craving lots of sweet starchy high carb things like donuts and french toast and Panera Bagels (I don't give into these cravings everyday or I would be a big fat fatty, but I am going to have a French Toast Casserole for dinner on Thursday night. I am also craving fruity things. This leads me to believe that I may be pregnant with a baby girl, because even though the adversions and cravings aren't as strong they very much resemble my pregnancy with Lindsey. With Bren I wanted a lot of salty things like hot dogs, chips, mexican food etc. :) Having a girl would be ok with me. Lindsey was my easiest baby. Bren has been my terror, I mean, I love him, he's my cuddle bug, but he tears my living space apart! I don't know that I could handle 2 boys. If I must I must, though.

Heartburn is kicking in. I had heartburn though out both of my previous pregnancies. I could drink water and get heartburn, it was insane. NOT looking forward to that part of pregnancy. Heartburn was a lot less with Bren but I got it. The old wives tale about heartburn meaning a baby with lots of hair... I think it is true. Lindsey, I had VISCIOUS heartburn and she had a full head of dark brown hair... Bren, I had heartburn, but not as bad. He was born with just a bit of golden blonde hair. I still have a while to see how viscious this heartburn is going to get.

Anyway. I think by the looks of things now, I should be able to post some "bump" pictures by the end of this month. Also by the end of this month I hope to hear the heartbeat. May 25. Fingers crossed and prayers being said.

That is about all the pregnancy info that I have for you.

Enjoy your week.


  1. My ex's sister had a baby girl & during her pregnancy always craved mangoes & sorbet. It was crazy, but if that's true, then hey! Yay baby girl. I can't wait to see Schmamey bump & find out more. Also, heartburn = suckage. I hope you don't get it too bad love.

  2. YAY french toast on Thursday! I can't wait, dude.

    I don't care what you have. I just want to be an aunt!!! Hahaha

    Love you :)
    You're so cute with your mini baby bump.

  3. I hope your heartburn goes away. I hated getting heartburn when I was pregnant.

    I just thought of my favorite foods when I was preggo: taco baked potato, cinnabon (thank goodness it was 45 minutes away), chili dogs, raisins, and tuna sandwiches.

  4. Oh yay! I bet you're super excited to hear the heartbeat! :D Hope the heartburn goes away! ♥

  5. Before you said you thought you might be carrying a little girl I was thinking, "I bet she's having a girlchild!"

    My one and only urge was an A&W burger and at that time we did not have an A&W anywhere near us! Needless to say that lasted for five months!! (I was four months along when I said I wanted one).

    I can't wait to see you with the bump. => I love baby bumps! (That sounds creepy, weird).

  6. so I'm super behind on reading. I think that heartburn thing is true too. Last year like all of our friends were having babies and it seemed to be the case with all of them.
    Can't wait to see bump photos and learn about the heartbeat. Prayers sent my dear!!!

  7. Things sound like they are moving along great!! At least your not craving something weird like sand or chalk.


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