Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Whatcha Readin Dave?

Amy: Whatcha Readin?
Dave:  Breaking Dawn...

Amy: Isn't that a GIRL'S book?
Dave: I don't care.

Amy:  Do you think it makes you lose "man points"?
Dave: No, I gain man points.

Amy: How do you figure that?
Dave: Because I am more in tune with my wife's likes.

Amy: What do you think of Edward Cullen?
Dave: He's a masochist... AND, he's not believeable, he's too mushy gushy and guys aren't really like that, I mean, we can be sweet, but... Yeah. He's too much.

Amy: Would you say that Edward Cullen loses "man points"?
Dave: Yes... weeeeeell, no... he takes care of Bella, he protects her... so no, he doesn't lose man points... buuuut he sparkles so we'll just say Edward has no "man points".

Amy: Do Vampires even HAVE "man points"?
Dave:  (pondering...) Edward doesn't have any "man points" ... Emmett has "man points"! ... Jasper has "man points" because he was in the Army.

Amy: What do you think of Bella?
Dave: Bella... She's over the top... but both her AND Edward are over the top, they're too rediculous to believe.

Amy: So are you Team Jacob or Team Edward
Dave: GROAN! Neither! gag me with a fork.

Amy: ha ha ha.  Who would you hang out with Jacob, or Edward?
Dave: Emmett

Amy: He wasn't an option
Dave: Jacob would annoy the piss out of me, and Edward is too girly.

Amy: Fair enough. This is your 2nd time through the Saga right?
Dave: yeah.

Amy: Soooooo, do you even like the books?
Dave: Yeah, I like the books, it's just that the love story between Edward and Bella is completely unrealistic.

Amy: Even though it's a VAMPIRE we're talking about?
Dave: I mean, I don't know...

Amy: So you think it's completely rediculous for a girl to put Edward and Bella type expectations on a REAL relationship?
Dave: Yeah, I mean, Cause, There is no relationship like theirs, it's completely make believe, no believable part about it.

Amy: So, it's good fantasy fiction?
Dave: Yeah.

Amy: Would you recommend other men to read the books?
Dave: Sure, why not, They're not a bad read, she keeps your attention.  Even though the love relationship between Bella and Edward can be "Gag me with a fork", it's a fun read.

So there you have it.  A guy.  Reading the Twilight Saga. My husband. Dave.

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  1. Oh man, too cute... and funny!

    My favorite part:
    Amy: ha ha ha. Who would you hang out with Jacob, or Edward?
    Dave: Emmett

    Amy: He wasn't an option

    Classic stuff right there.

  2. I agree with him. I've never read the books but I watched the first movie and didn't like it at all. Probably because I didn't fall for anything - like all the other girls in the world, who started to obsess over Edward. I didn't like him. I hate fake things like that.

    But I still want to watch the other one nonetheless!

  3. wallflower, the books are way better than the movies could ever be. there is no way you could possibly judge how amazing twilight is based off of the movies. READ THE BOOKS.

  4. Biscuit: :P ha ha ha

    Autley: he he he. Thanks :)

    Wallflower: Understandable. :) Twilight the movie SUCKED, New Moon was an improvement, Eclipse is said to be better than both, so I have my hopes up for Eclipse... I like the Saga and unlike a lot of girls(not all girls), I am not obsessed with Edward... I am obsessed with the Vampire world that she created... I like it a lot.

    Biscuit: I agree. You can't judge the saga by the movies. DEFINITELY READ THE BOOKS! There is something about the stories that suck you in and no matter how over the top the story gets, they are so addicting. I remember putting Breaking Dawn down going THIS IS REDICULOUS, but I finished it and fell in love! With the story, not Edward Cullen... or Robert Pattinson. ANYWAY... Yeah. Read the books. They are ALWAYS better.

  5. haha I love that your husband read the books! That was a cute discussion too! I was lucky enough to get mine to watch the movies. I discussed the books with mine all the time but it was always one sided... he just listened and agreed with everything I said! ha!

  6. This is freaking hysterical! I completely agree with Dave.
    And I love how this is "celebrity interview". That's the best part.
    And (part 2) books are TONS better then the movies. By a mile or ten. My favorite is Eclipse and I'm pretty sure they're going to butcher it in the movie. But movies generally do that.

    Anywho, ahhhmazing blogpost. Now...Dave should freaking read the Host...agreed? :)

  7. I will be reading host as soon as I finish breaking dawn

  8. haha priceless :) too cute of a convo!!

  9. Carol Anne: Meeeee toooo! :) I didn't even ask him too, he was just curious as to why I was so obsessed with them, so he read them. Then he understood. Dave likes to read though. He can appreciate most literature. ha ha ha about the one sided conversation thing and him agreeing... :)

    Lydia Joy: :) Yeah... I had fun blogging this one

    Dave M: :) YAY... YOU WILL LOVE THE HOST!!!

    Michely: :) I think so too. :)

  10. This. Is. Awesome. I couldn't put the series down. Like you said, I am not obsessed with Edward or Jacob ... I love the fantasy vampire world. I think I really need to read The Host.

  11. Consider my dear: love love love that you loooooove it! :)

    Becca: :) Thanks :) ME TOO. Very addicting. AND YES! READ THE HOST!

    Maren Layne: Your welcome :D

  12. Edward is too whiny and controlling and Bella is too hackneyed, whiny, and she makes emo look joyful! But for the most point the series is well written. Dave has man points for wanting to be in tune with his wifes likes!!!

  13. Lillian: I don't find them to be annoying though. I got annoyed by Bella's rediculous adversion to recieving gifts, and the only time I was annoyed with Edward was at the end of New Moon when he scolded Bella for believing him when he told her he didn't love her... UMMMM WHAT WAS SHE SUPPOSED TO BELIEVE!??? Stupid boy. Anyway, other than that, I think Edwards struggles were understandable, and Bella's were understandable too. ANYWHO.

    Plaid Guru: ha ha ha Thanks! :)

    Stepanie: Thanks :)

    Lindsay: Thanks! and If he likes reading, then there is always a chance :)

    Dena: Your very welcome :)

  14. oh this is cute, by bf when we started dating asked if he could borrow the books, i was like... why? and he wanted to get to know me more, and now he loves them! and i love him more for it

  15. hahaha i love that conversation. sounds exactly like a conversation i would have with my husband.
    come visit if you're ever bored...heehee


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