Thursday, September 1, 2011

27 Weeks

Hi there!
Well.  I am 27 weeks along today.  Here is my 27 week belly...
What's going on?  Well, not a whole heck of a lot.  She is getting bigger.  I am getting bigger.  I am still taking my walks but I have skipped a couple days lately.  As I get bigger my aches and pains get bigger too.  I am still walking though so don't worry!

I am still experiencing that weird light headed, heart racing, overwhelming sensation that I mentioned last week.  It mainly happens in the morning.  I am going to talk to my doctor at my next appointment about possibly being anemic since those are symptoms of it.  I have never been anemic, but if I am going to experience it for the first time, it makes sense for it to be during pregnancy when the baby is taking all of my nutrition from me ha.

No special cravings.  Really it's life as usual except with a bigger belly and butt. ha.  I'm already wishing for December to be here, but then again, I'm not because I have SO MUCH to do to get ready for this baby.  I still need to get a breast pump, a car seat, and a pack n play... among other things.

I did a couple of maternity shots with my SLR.  I like them, but you can REALLY see my weight gain in them.  I think it's the angle, because I don't have a tripod, I can't get the camera at a typical eye level.  It's also difficult to get a good focus.  Here they are though...
27 Weeks Pregnant27 Weeks Pregnant Other than this... I am still in the process of getting enrolled in classes. I think I really like the blogger changes... for about 5 minutes I hated them, but after fiddling around with them for a bit, I like them (what changes? click the link at the top of your blogger home page). That is all! Hope you all have a fantastic Friday and Weekend! It's September! Woo hoo!


  1. Amy you look amazing! You seriously look all belly! so I looked around the blogger changes for a bit, but it was giving me a bunch of problems. I dont know if it is because I am using internet explorer (i am work) so I guess I will give it another shot at home
    P.S. your comment on my blog about HP cracked me up! but seriously, what the hell was I waiting for?!

  2. I think you look gorgeous in these photos! You don't look like you've gained anything at all! I love the background and that you are wearing pink since she's a little girl. I love the dark hair on you! These are just beautiful!

    I didn't know about any changes. I will have to check that out. Thanks for the tip, Amy!

  3. I just checked it out and realized that I've been using these features for about two months now, so it's nothing new for me. You could get to them by using instead of the normal log in. I really like them! It is easier and faster.

  4. You look so good! Love your slr photos!

  5. you look great. dur. as always. dur.

  6. I can't believe how fast time goes. It seems like it was just yesterday you found out you were pregnant. Baby is going to be here very soon.

    I have not tried using the blogger changes yet so I will have to mess with that a bit.

    Once again I am so excited to hear you will be going back to school and cannot wait to hear all about it.

  7. I know I say this everytime but aahh you look adorable!

    My doctor told me yesterday that I was anemic so he has me taking iron supplements.

  8. You and She are perfect!!!!

    You radiate Love!


  9. You look beautiful in your shots :)

    Just clicked the link to try the new blogger and I don't know... We'll see. I go away for a while, come back and it's all bright and shiny and new. Better not press any buttons lest I delete the entire history of my blog! Eek.

  10. You are so pretty! I think your photos look great! It's easy to be critical of ourselves, especially when pregnant and we see the scale. You look fabulous friend!

    Haven't tried the new changes yet. I usually reject change at first, then my curiosity gets the better of me and I have to try it.


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