Thursday, September 8, 2011

28 Weeks

Hello there 3rd Trimester!  I am ready for the home stretch!  I can't BELIEVE I am already this far!  In 3 weeks I get my 2nd ultrasound which is mainly to see what position baby is in.  I get the feeling she is taking after her brother and will be breech at the ultrasound.  Her brother was transverse until week 36 nearly 37... scared me a little... thinking I was going to have a c-section.  Thankfully he turned... so I won't worry about this one until I have to.

Well.  Here is my 28 week belly... Another SLR picture.  My buddy Brad, who I used to do photography with, had my tripod stowed away and he was kind enough to hunt it down for me and get it to me, so it is likely that you will be getting much nicer pictures for my belly updates from here on out. :) 28 weeksWednesday was my appointment with my OB... well, my OB is on a MUCH deserved vacation, so I met with the nurse practitioner.  We talked about my visit to Labor and Delivery a couple weeks ago.  She enlightened me further on why I could be having these weird episodes of extreme light-headedness and feelings of my heart racing.  She said when this happens I need to evaluate what I have eaten recently.  She said that pregnancy can induce hypoglycemia and if I haven't eaten anything my blood sugar is low... on the same token, if I have eaten anything high in sugar that my blood sugar will be low as well because my body will send out a mass of insuline to take care of the mass of sugar and often times this results in a drastic drop in blood sugar (probably what we refer to as the sugar crash).  This made SO much more sense than what Labor and Delivery told me was the culprit.  I then confessed that I like to drink juice... a lot... she then proceeded to tell me BAD GIRL and that I might as well be drinking soda.  I felt properly chastised. ha.  I imagine my pancake breakfasts twice a week don't help either. ;) I didn't tell her about that though.

Then we talked about Tubal Ligation.  Yes.  I am thinking about getting myself permanently sterilized.  No more babies for this momma!  I'm getting too old for this crap. ha.  I am leaning toward doing this because I am terrible at remembering to take a pill and because I know that I do not want anymore children.  My three will be good enough for me!  Family of 5 seems like just the right size.  Hopefully this doesn't offend any of you "Let God close the womb" people out there.  I believe the Good Lord gives us common sense to know when we are done... I'm done.

Finally we talked about allergies.  Oh my WORDY DIRD!  My allergies are kicking me in the FACE!  The Goldenrod is waving it's big yellow pedally flag saying "I bring with me ragweed! There will be great suffering and rubbing of eyes!"  So... she gave me the GREAT news that I can take Zyrtec.  Benadryl SUCKS!  Sorry if you hate that word, but it does.  All it does is make me want to sleep and it also puts me in a downright grumpy mood.  I guess that makes sense because it's a depressant.  I have this little trick, usually, where I take my allergy pill with a Monster to counter act each other... I can't drink Monster while pregnant, so I just have to deal with the sleepies.  BAH.

Weight.  I don't think I have talked about this in a while.  Ok.  So we are looking at 156.8... I started this whole thing out at 135... so 21.8 lb gain at 28 weeks... not too shabby.  I am going to start cracking down on my eating habits now to hopefully  only gain 10 more lbs at the most.  WE WILL SEE.  I have 12 weeks left.  That is slightly less than a lb a week... This is a tall order, but I think as long as I stay away from the sweets and the juice I should be ok.

So, like I said.  Final ultrasound is in 3 weeks.  September 28.  After that my appointments will be every 2 weeks... it is going to be INSANE how quickly this last bit will go.  I love it when the appointments move closer together.

That's it.  I got a little winded... Kudos to you if you read it all.  You are a champ!
Catch ya later.


  1. I'm so glad your dizziness and such is nothing very serious. It's kind of scary when strange things happen to your body, especially when pregnant. I totally get the when you know you are done thing. When we make that decision John is totally up for making the permanent change. I can't remember to take a pill and really they made so great and your weight gain is seriously awesome. Really. You are brave to post your actual numbers! Hope the Zyrtec helps!

  2. Yay third trimester! The home stretch!

    Your nurse is smart, the hypoglycemic thing makes lots of sense. I was terrible for drinking juice in my last pregnancy too. I never knew you could develop it while being pregnant. I hope this baby stays head down for you.

  3. you look amazing in this photo, and i love your hair..seriously you are glowing mama!

  4. You look so cute!! Are you still walking?

  5. yay amy im getting so excited for you!!

  6. you look FANTASTIC!!!! Love your pregnancy updates. xox

  7. Loved this post!! And once we're done having hubby will take care of it with his body, since I'm the one always worrying about birth control and going through pregnancy and delivery..I think he can have his turn:) You look AMAZING by the way and I have allergies too and I take benadryl but I've learned to take it right before I go to bed that way I am KNOCKED out! Anyway..sorry for the long boring comment..I hope you have an awesome day!!

  8. YOU LOOK AMAZING!! Seriously, you're glowing! And you look itty bitty....I can't believe you've gained any weight!
    I'm so happy for you, Amy. I can't wait to meet that tiny human in your belly. :]

  9. Aw, Amy! You do look spectacular in this photo! You're tiny & your natural hair looks great! You look so happy. I'm so glad for you! & that's so good that you've only gained that much! I can't imagine! You must be so good with your eating. MAN...if I ever get preggo I'm gonna get HUGE! Ha! Anywho! You should try to do V8 Splashes if you still want juice here or there...or make your own. Fruit & veggie mixtures can't have as much sugar as straight up fruit. They usually load most juice with apples, so maybe just juice some apples? It IS almost Fall, APPLE SEASON! =)

  10. i love your hair like this! so pretty. : )
    i'm glad everything is going so well for you!

  11. I'm glad the nurse practioner told you that you can take Zyrtec! I don't know if she told you how to counteract the sugar crash/drop in blood sugar. Since Bill is Type 1 Diabetic we've learned so much about controlling spikes and crashes, protein with carbs slows down the absorption of sugar and thus release of insulin. (Do you know the difference between a brownie and an apple? The answer is none, the body perceives sugar as the same thing and releases insulin to utilize the sugar. Carbs are treated by the pancreas the same, doesn't matter the source. Now calories are a different story but it is the carbohydrate that releases the insulin). OK Diabetes 101 lesson done.

    You look great. I'm proud of you for keeping up your walking and watching your diet but still eating healthy for you and Avery.

  12. I was sooo excited when my doctor told me I could take zrytec! I went right out and bought some. :) I hate benadryl too. I'm pretty useless if I take it haha!

    I am starting my every 2 week appointments now! eekk! it's getting closer and closer!!

    by the way you look beautiful as always! Love your hair!

  13. I love the background and I love the picture! SLR's do take some pretty nice pictures. I am also hoping baby is not breech and good for you on knowing you are done having kids. I am still undecided and I only have one child. I will probably be in my 30's when I decide to make the big decision.

  14. This picture is crazy gorgeous! Just beautiful! Yay for tripods!

    And yay for Zyrtec and smart nurses! Hope you get some relief!

  15. You look radiant! :D And I love your new blog layout ;).



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