Monday, June 27, 2011

Week 18

This is just flying by isn't it?  Pregnancy is usually annoyingly slow! ha.  I feel like this is progressing at a nice pace though.

Week 18... let's see.  Heartburn is the dominant symptom.  That and a growing belly.  I have been wanting lemony things this past week.  I didn't realize it until today when I was looking up recipes for Lemon bars and Lemon cupcakes ha ha ha.  I didn't make them, but I am tempted.  I have the stuff to if I decide I can't stand it any longer. ha.

So here I am at 18 weeks.  Hello belly.
It's surely growing.  I'm just glad that it seems that my belly is the only thing growing :) I think I have gained a little bit in my legs, but not much thankfully.

Keeping my walks going everyday.  I actually look forward to them because they are a huge stress relief and help me to deal with a lot of the crazy hormones flying through my body right now.  My walk today was a tad traumatic.  I walked into a spider web with a HUGE spider on it.  I ended up having to walk home and have Dave check me over to make sure the spider was gone.  YUCKY!  I am not arachnophobic, but I don't like the buggers I tell you.


  1. Heartburn is my worst symptom, too!
    I'd never had it before pregnancy.
    And I never want to again. So gross!

    You are looking so great!
    I can't wait to find out what you're having. : )

  2. Wow that belly is so cute!!! I also think you've got an adorable top on...sorry about the heartburn, that has gotta be a bummer. OOohhh...yum yum..lemon bars! :) Hearts, janna lynn

  3. constant heartburn must be tough but it does go away right??

  4. Look at your cute tummy full of baby! Yay for you!
    Spiders are terrible. I walked into a web yesterday and definitely had a mini freak out... Ugh!!!

  5. I am really enjoying your posts, I feel like you give a real view into being pregant and thats refreshing.

  6. Heartburn is the worst thing yet that I've experienced in my pregnancy, although walking into a giant spider would be awful!

    I'm glad walking helps with the stress and crazy hormones. I get super teary sometimes and I can't stand being around myself when it happens.

  7. Aww! You are so cute!
    I'm not a lemony person. I seriously wonder what I would crave when I'm pregnant! who knows. It could be lemon flavors!
    oh man and I would be terrified if I had walked into a spider web! Glad that Dave saved the day!

  8. Your belly is so cute! Oh man, lemon icebox pie. Za best! It's a great summer recipe and easy as...Pie. Womp womp. :) Here's the recipe.

    OH and I would be FREAKING OUT. I HATE spiders. They give the heeby jeebies.

  9. hello sweet little bump! can't wait til we all get to "meet" you! :) x

  10. I wish I could go to texas! My brother lives in San Antonio, and my sister is moving to Austin next month! I hope you have a great time on your trip and that your kids do well:) & I just realized I am posting the comment on the wrong post. WHOOPS. But you look great at 18 weeks!!! I love seeing your progress, theres a little teensy bump:)

  11. You are so stinkin' cute! You are looking so great Amy. Love your updates :) Oh, make yourself some lemon goodness.


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