Monday, June 13, 2011

16 Weeks

Main symptom I have right now is grumpiness.  It takes very little to set me off and the hubs thinks it's fun for all of 5 seconds to press my buttons.

I am of the opinion that I am going to take down my 14 week belly pic or put up a disclaimer.  If you look at it, you will notice that I am standing at an angle so it isn't giving an accurate portrayal of how my belly really looked at 14 weeks.  It's bumming me out because I will take a new picture and while there is a noticeable difference between week 15 and week 16 week 14's belly looks bigger than all three which was making me stress then I noticed I am kinda standing at an angle.  So.  I really am messing up these pictures.
Here is week 16... I'll get this right soon.
I'm getting really eager to go to the Dr. again because my anxieties about the baby being ok and thriving are getting worse.  I am doing everything I should, but since it's so early and I am just now approaching the time where the baby's movements are noticeable I am freaking out.  I want to know that it's the baby I'm feeling when I get odd sensations in my belly.

Other than that I am doing well.  Just irritable. ha.  Cravings are the same.  Dairy, Mangoes, and sweet stuff.  Oh and carbs.  I usually always want carbs.  Unfortunately.

I am still taking my walks everyday.  Allergies are starting to calm down, now it's battling the heat.  Not a big deal.  I either take my walk in the morning or an hour before sunset, so I am good.  I sometimes snap some instagrams while taking my walk... I am so blessed to have such a beautiful nature trail practically in my backyard.  It is LITERALLY saving my butt...

Other than that not much to tell.  Next Dr. appointment is June 22, so instead of doing my weekly update on Tuesday like normal I will post on wednesday so I can give you an update.  After this next appointment it will be time for my ultrasound... very nervous and excited.

Hope everyone has an awesome Tuesday!


  1. AWESOME nature pics!!!! Cheer up, you look fabulous!!

  2. Aww don't be grumpy! You are too cute of a pregger woman! Work it, work it haha :))

  3. Your such a beautiful preg. lady! I look amazing! I think its awesome that your walking, and I believe that should be good for both you and baby. The anxiety is natural...I am looking forward to you getting to your next checkup though...I hate thinking about you worrying! I think its okay to be grumpy...if I was growing a life inside me and not just a lean cuisine..I might be grumpy too! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  4. That's such a gorgeous place to walk off all those carbs the baby wants! :-)

  5. Haha Janna said it right here> "...if I was growing a life inside me and not just a lean cuisine..I might be grumpy too!"

    & So would I!

    I love your belly photos. You're so pretty! & It's cool that you're walking everyday. I always say that when I get pregnant, I'd be proud of myself if I could keep up with some type of small routine fitness, like what you are doing. Go you, for real!:)

  6. Good for you for keeping up with your fitness and walking every day! Sounds like you're off to a great start for a healthy pregnancy! Cute little belly pic, can't wait to see the babe next week!

  7. How lucky are you to have this outside your door! We are already dying from the heat in az...

  8. Pretty much, what Gale said. Ha! I've always said that too, if I get preggo I still wanna walk & hike & do mild activity. & of course I'm on such a crazy healthy eating kick that I'd do that too! You're so beautiful & I love your baby belly shots! I do think that this pic is bigger than week 14 though...honestly. But I'm not analyzing it. ;)

  9. Your bumb is adorable! I hope I'm that cute when I have kiddos.
    Can't wait to hear about your next appt.
    I really love when you share photos from your walk! It's so pretty there!

  10. hahaha you're funny. and you look cute with a lil baby belly. can't wait to see you tomorrow!

  11. You look stunning! Seriously.. You are one of thee cutest girls I have ever seen! I think I will be a nervous wreck when i'm pregnant. Just working at an OB/GYN office and seeing every that can happen. Even though rare, still I know too much about pregnancy haha. I am just grumpy all the time, no baby on board. My husband.. Likes to mess with my head. I hate it when he teases me. ugh.


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