Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Week 3: Amyschmamey Got Stuck

The past week's weight loss wasn't as impressive as last weeks, but I am keeping at it, never fear.  This past week I lost nothing.  I mean 0 lbs and 0 oz.  I stayed the EXACT same weight as last week!  Maybe I should consider that impressive.  ha.

NUTRITION WISE: I am still using the Lose It app.  I am tracking my calorie intake the best that I can.  I am entering in everything I eat.  Sometimes this is a challenge if the particular food isn't in the database or if it is a recipe, which is often the case.  I will usually get online and do the best I can to calculate the calories in my recipe through calorie calculators online. Last week I had to eat a couple meals out, which always packs in the calories, but I tried to offset it in the gym. I haven't gone over my daily budget of calories but once and that was at the beginning.  I am being diligent, borderline obsessive, in tracking this stuff.  Oh, and I'm still using the Water Your Body app to keep track if my 76 ounces a day.

ACTIVITY WISE:  I am busting my butt in the gym everyday.  EVERYDAY.  I work out for 1 hour plus a 5 minute cool down on the elliptical machine.  I vary the resistance and the incline everyday so that my muscles are having to work differently every time.  In my dream of dreams, I would be able to participate in a Les Mills Body Combat class.  I really wish the gym that I have a membership to had a class.  This used to be my workout of choice before I had babies.  I would work out at Ozark Fitness 5 days a week and do the body combat class.  I was super fit back then.  I found out recently that they have a new "at home" DVD set called simply "Combat"... I am not normally one to do at home work outs but I would so do this if I had the money.  It's 50% off right now too.  It sucks having no wiggle room in your finances.  Until I am able to afford the workout I want, it's the elliptical.

MIND SET:  I would love to say that this is easy and that motivation is getting me through, but motivation takes a hit on weeks like last week.  I often think, hey, I was doing good to stay the same weight without putting in an hour at the gym everyday.  What am I working this hard for?  However, I know that I will have weeks like this and that if I don't keep at it, I'll never get anywhere with this weight.  I will end up with diabetes and other diseases if I don't change and make being a healthy a priority.  I can't make this all about weight loss or I will fail.  This is about health and future health.  Losing weight should just be an added bonus.

So.  I keep on keeping on.  How is your quest for health going?


  1. I've been losing weight by counting calories and exercising everyday too, (I've lost 32kgs or 70lbs so far!), but some weeks I don't lose a thing and it is craaaazily frustrating!! But the next week I might lose 1.5kgs, (or around 3lbs), and I'll be freshly motivated! So hang in there, you're doing great!!

    1. Thanks Morgan! I am revamping what I'm doing a little to see if it works for me. Lose It app has my base calorie intake at 880 and my friend thinks that is too low and that a woman's weight loss base calorie should be no lower than 1200. Any exercise calories go on top of that. I'm going to use My Fitness Pal App because the lowest it will start you at us 1200. We will see. Thanks for the encouragement! I'm keeping at it.


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