Wednesday, August 14, 2013

New Direction: Update

I am taking a new direction with my weight loss/health journey after some input from friends on facebook and instagram.

Here is the plan:

I am switching from the Lose It app to My Fitness Pal.  Lose It had my base calorie intake at 880 calories and when I exercised the calories would be added to that amount.  A reliable source told me to never let my base calories go below 1200 and then any exercise I do would go on top of that 1200.  It makes sense that there would be a point where your body figures it's starving so it starts to store and conserve instead of burn.  MFP will not start you out any lower than 1200 as a calorie base, so even though my natural instinct is to believe that more calories will equal weight gain, I am going to trust my sources and do this 1200 calorie thing.

My next change is going to be how I work out. Currently I am simply doing cardio for 1 hour a day.  I think that was good for a start, but several people suggested I add weights.  My problem is I don't even know where to start with weights.  I am not a great multi-tasker so I don't want to use them while I do my cardio... that can get dangerous, but I would like to get a routine to start using them.  If anyone has any suggestions please leave them in a comment... Links to websites that have a weight workout routine will be most helpful.

Hopefully this plan will show me results.  If not, I am going to keep tweaking things until I start getting results.  I want to take a supplement to boost my metabolism as well. Losing weight the right way takes a lot of research and trial and error I'm finding.


  1. So happy to read this. :) I was kiiind of a little worried for you when you said it was 1100-1200 intake per day. Usually trainers want you on one a lot closer to 2000 than 1000. Your body needs calories, despite what we've all been taught. I've been lifting weights for a good 8 months now. It's changed my life. So amazing. I would highly recommend checking out the weight lifting plans over at There is one specific plan made for busy moms you could check out: Her plan gives you more insight on calories and nutrition as well. Over all it is a great site.Above the comments at the bottom you'll see "Main | Motivation | Nutrition | Training" so you can quickly see what it is all about and what you'll be doing. And all of their plans are free. :') I hope you find your niche in the weight lifting world and get the results you're looking for. <3

  2. I use a calorie app called 'Calorie King', I'm not sure if it's an Australia-only app though - and that has my calories at 1300 a day, I weigh 136lbs and I also lose around 2lbs a week. I totally agree that if you're not eating enough your body will start to store fat, 880 calories a day is crazy!!


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