Saturday, October 13, 2012

Avery is 10 months old!

I have finally gotten around to taking Avery's 10 month pictures.  I have been so crazy busy, and I am actually cutting into some homework time to do this.  I really wanted to get her pictures outside because the colors are getting so pretty right now.  I'm thinking that I will likely take all the kids out to take pictures and maybe bring along the tri-pod to get some "family" shots.

Here is what Avery is up to right now:
  • She is in the 97% in all measurements.
  • She is standing up and cruising around furniture.
  • She is saying "ma ma ma" and "Da da da"
  • She loves those little fruit squeeze pouches.
  • She STILL loves Mumford and Sons.  
  • She is in size 18 month clothes
  • She is beginning to cut some molars
  • She clicks her tongue... SO CUTE 
Now for the photobomb:


  1. Great taste in music and tongue clicking mastered! Sounds like she's on the right track (:


  2. I was looking at this blog post with avery on my lap and she was grinning ear to ear at these pictures!!
    Oh man it really feels like yesterday that you were posting belly pics...crazy!

  3. Just too adorable! And I love that she loves the same music you do!

  4. Love all the pics of your sweet baby girl!


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