Friday, October 12, 2012

The Birthdays

I am just now getting around to posting some pictures.  It's been a nightmare, really, this picture thing.  To explain, I used to have Photoshop CS4.  I obtained it through my brother, who is now in Texas.  It was on my desktop, which I gave to a friend who really needed a computer.  I really didn't think about how much I used the program until I let go of it.  I thought it would be fairly simple to find a replacement editor as long as I shot in jpeg.  I am not doing this for hire anymore, so RAW wasn't necessary.  Long story shortened.  I forgot to switch my settings to jpeg for the party, and all my photos were in a RAW format.  I have been scouring the webs for free RAW converters.  Pardon my french, but all were CRAP.  So, I began the search for an affordable software.  Lightroom 4 was recommended, BUT, I blog... I create graphics for my blog.  Lightroom is purely a photos editing software.  A good one, but really limited.  It looks like Elements is where I will likely end up.  I downloaded the 30 day trial from the Adobe site and I am temporarily back in business.  It has a RAW editor similar to the one in CS4 (Adobe Camera RAW - ACR), minus a few bells and whistles.  Overall, elements is PERFECT for the hobbyist that I am.

ON TO THE PARTY!  Here are some photos from the birthday festivities.  It started out with me taking the kids to get donuts in the morning.  Nothing says happy birthday like fried carbohydrates coated in more carbohydrates.
Then I spent the morning baking cupcakes
Then after I picked the kids up from school we went home, ate dinner, then headed off to their favorite park... Nathanael Greene.  None of their friends that they invited came.  It was sad, but they had fun anyway.  We had WAY too many cupcakes, but they were good.  We had way too much soda, but that's okay too ha.  Daddy let Avery have her first ever cupcake before her 1st birthday ha.  She was a mess!  She obviously likes cupcakes though.  Overall, it was a great time.  The kids had fun and got some fun presents.
  ... and that's all... bye bye!


  1. Beautiful pictures! I definitely need some photo editing software too, I'm currently just posting pictures unedited. Agh!

  2. Awww cute! It looks like they had a lovely time. :) I used to use Photoshop back in college, but alas, could not afford it when it came time to purchase some editting software for myself these days. I chose Elements, and I actually love it! You definitely cannot do as much in the way of graphics, but for blog kind of purposes, it works a-ok for me. (Which reminds me, I should really get around to redoing mine at some point haha)


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