Sunday, October 14, 2012

Photo-outing Fail.

The colors are so pretty right now.  Looking outside is like looking into a box of fruit loops.  I decided I better take advantage and get some pictures of the kids while it's still fairly warm and the trees are spattered with color.  Things definitely didn't go as planned ha.  I got a REALLY good picture of Lindsey though, so not all was a fail.

Bren can't cooperate with the camera.  Even if I offered him a bunch of legos.  He still wouldn't ha.
 I think maybe if Daddy would have been there he could have made this happen...
 Now this one is pretty.  I don't get that many good pictures of Lindsey.  She is easily distracted and either looks away from the camera or squints ha.  This one turned out perfect!
 Ah.  Still no real smile, but good enough.
 It was so bright and sunny.  Still a pretty site out there.  Beautiful yellows this year.
 ... and on the way home, I took this one.  Welcome Fall.  You were missed and will be missed when you are gone again.  3 months for this season is just too short.
Hope that EVERYONE has had a wonderful Sunday.  I know I did.


  1. Aww sorry your pics didn't turn out how you wanted! Though I think the ones you shared are great! Hey, they're kids, so getting that "good shot" is so frickin' hard. My son tends to face the camera, but totally look sideways each time. Ha ha. The one of your oldest daughter is stunning!

  2. That is a gorgeous photo of Lindsey! Phot shoots for kiddos can be so tough!
    Love your gorgeous colors! And I agree! I want like eight months of fall. That would be nice!

  3. Psshh! I think your kids are way cute! Such cute photos and you'll love having them later! :) It IS gorgeous outside! Lo and I got out for our first walk yesterday and that was fun! :)

  4. jealous. i miss missouri's fall. i hope it sticks around.... until the end of november? yeah right :(

  5. You have such a cute family, Amy! And the landscape there is breath-taking!


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