Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer Bucket List - Photo Outing

1. Silver Dollar City
2. Photo Outing
3. Late Movie Night
4. Swimming
5. The Park

Today we marked yet another thing off of our Summer Bucket List.  We went on our photo outing.  We walked the Galloway Trail over by the old bridge by I-60.  We had a lot of fun, even though the kids started pooping out after just 20 minutes ha ha ha.

I took my 50D and the kids took along their iPods.  Seriously had vision of one of them dropping their iPods into the river below, but THANKFULLY that didn't happen. ha.  Enjoy.
 This a series of photos I like to call "Bren hit the wall"
ha ha ha.  moving right along.
And that takes us back to the bridge.
Here are a few that the kids took.
Lindsey took these two...
and Bren took this one...
That concludes our photo outing.  If you stuck around for all of the photos... you get a virtual high five (I totally need to make a "virtual high five" photo/graphic for such occasions as this.)


  1. I love Lindsey's second picture with the sunshine and everything - very cool :)

  2. these moments may seem trite and small at the moment, but they will be cherished later. I loved taking pics of you guys. Now I'm glad I did.

  3. your little kiddos are so cute!! great photos :)

  4. Officially the cutest kiddo activity ever! This bridge is awesome! I would love to do a shoot there! So pretty!
    Bren looks so cute taking your picture! And they are talented littles just like their momma! Love the pictures they snapped!


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