Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Last Day of Summer Break 2012

School starts for the kids tomorrow.  Brendan starts Kindergarten and Lindsey is entering the 3rd grade.  I went to meet their teachers last night and overall I think they are both going to have a great year.  I LOVE Bren's teacher.  She is so energetic and has the most awesome southern accent.

I also start classes on Saturday.  Yes Saturday.  I have an 8:30am class.  I am so nervous about this semester.  Will I do as good?  Did I only do good because my teachers were easy?  So many things going through my head, but I just have to believe.  I WILL DO GOOD.  I WILL GET INTO NURSING SCHOOL.  I can't help but be a little nervous though.

I will go into more about the kids tomorrow, but for now I will show you what we did to celebrate the last day of no school.  Lindsey has this cute Ameilia Bedelia book that I bought for her at a book fair last year.

It has an apple pie recipe in it, and we happened to have the stuff... well, most of the stuff... to make it.

The kids helped me cut and pour.  It was a lot of fun and a lot of mess.  Hopefully it tastes good.  I am not a great pie maker.  I definitely don't make a pretty pie.  I like baking at home, but have NEVER aspired to do it professionally.  I am just not artistic enough.

... and here is the finished product.  The color and quality is different because I took this one with my son's iPod on IG which is 3 mp compared to the 8 mp of my Windows Phone...

I hope that you all were able to enjoy your summer break and do something special before it comes to an end.  I am so ready for the fall.  When am I not?  I love everything about the fall.  My favorite holiday being Thanksgiving and I really like Halloween.  I love pumpkins, apples, and cider.  I love the crisp cool air with that fall smell.  I love how happy I am in the fall.  I love sweaters and jackets and pretty leaves.  Yes.  I am ready.

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  1. Oh my gosh! You made a pie with a 2 kids and a little baby to watch all at the same time????? Hats off to you! I had to babysit my nieces yesterday and I couldn't even get gas for my car without it being a huge



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