Monday, October 21, 2013

Week 13: Slow But Steady.

This week wasn't a spectacular loss, but I did mark off another milestone.  EXACTLY 20 lbs down.
Week 13: -0.6 lb since last week and -20 lb total.
Pretty fantastic.
Note to self:  Find some fingernail polish and paint toe nails... Your feet look disgusting.

140 lbs = Pre-Brendan weight.
137.8 lbs = -15 lb mark
133 lbs = Pre-Avery weight.
132.8 lbs = -20 lbs mark
128 lbs = The lowest weight I have been since having babies.
122.8 = Pre-Lindsey weight and -30 lb mark.
I promise I will post some progress pictures soon.  I have to locate a good example.  I have a poor self body image, so most of my pictures of myself are from the shoulders up.  
Weeks like these are definitely a good example of why there needs to be a commitment to the PROCESS and not the results.  If I were just relying on results for my motivation, I would definitely give up.  Some weeks the results are awesome, and some weeks I am lucky to lose 1/2 a lb, but I do know that by January, I will be one happy fit girl, and I will be super glad that I committed to this LONG and involved process of losing weight and getting healthy.
Please see my Week 12 post if you want details on how I have lost 20 lbs in 13 weeks.

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