Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Election Day

I voted today!  I hope you did too.  I took my kids with me, so they were able to witness the voting process.  I am teaching them young that voting is an exciting and responsible thing to do as an American.  Brendan kept asking why they don't let kids vote.  He also asked other questions that were difficult to answer, but I did my best.  I began the day with a cup of coffee and my laptop to do some last minute research on the propositions and amendments, and  I also did further research on a couple of the candidates that I knew little about.  After I felt confident enough that I knew what I was voting for or against, I gathered up my kids and made my way to my polling location.


  1. Love your coat, and your gorgeous eyes! You look amazing in that last pic! pretty mama. I am so ashamed to say I never take the time to go vote, I still feel like I'm not old enough! young at heart:) No, it really is not good though!

    1. Well, if you are registered, there is still time!!! :) Ha. If not, maybe next time. If you aren't registered, get registered and you can vote in other elections. There were a couple of elections that I didn't bother to vote but I know I needed to, I finally made it a priority to. Thanks for the compliments! :) Made me Happy!

  2. Proud of you for educating yourself before you walk into the voting booth. Double proud that you took your kids with you. I used to take my kidlet with me for every election. It is so important. My feeling was that it was more important for her to get her voter registration than her driver's license.

    Lily-thinking thoughts

  3. that's really cool you brought your kids along with you! i always remember seeing my mom's sticker on her shirt after i got out of school and couldn't wait to grow up and get my own stickers!

    yay voting!

  4. I love this! Perfect way to teach them how important voting and our country are!


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