Friday, November 9, 2012

Eleven Months.

My Bug is eleven months old today!  This time last year, I was 37 weeks pregnant.  This year has been unfair with how quick it has gone by.  It doesn't feel like she has been with us this long, but then, I'm beginning to think that a year isn't as long as I once thought.

Here is what Avery is doing:
  • She is standing up by herself
  • She is walking around furniture
  • She will take 5 steps before crumbling to the floor or throwing herself into mommy or daddy's arms.
  • She is trying to stand up with no support, not even furniture.
  • She is wearing 24 month pants... CHUBBY!
  • She loves her pink zebra
  • She loves anyone to surprise her... like getting behind something and popping out with a boo.
  • She loves watching PBS kids... for about 5 seconds at a time.
  • She loves to stick her fingers in people's mouths and noses... I know... gross.
  • She likes to crawl all over mommy.
  • She flutter kicks in the bath.  Her older siblings would splash with their hands, nope, she splashes with her legs. It's hilarious.
  • She is eating big girl foods cut up small.
  • Her babbling is starting to have purpose, not just so she can hear herself talk.
  • She still loves Mumford and Sons
  • She likes to crinkle up mommy's homework while mommy is trying to do homework.
  • She loves to go places.
Here she is in all her eleven month old awesomeness.


  1. She is absolutely gorgeous!!! I love her smiles! You and Dave sure make pretty babies! :)

  2. she is so cute, I love the one pointing her finger, she looks like she is explaining something!
    She looks so like both your other children :)

  3. She's so gorgeous! I can't believe she's almost 1!

  4. 7 days until I see this sweet little baby!!!!!
    and you. ;)
    we still good to crash at YO place??

  5. hehe! Thanks for the update!!! What a little mover

  6. Gosh she's precious! And soooo much personality! Love that photo where she is holding up her finger. Looks like she is just talking up a storm!


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