Friday, October 5, 2012

Lunch Dates and a Well Baby

I am likely going to start a feature called Thursday Lunch Date.  My husband and I have started this tradition of having a lunch date every Thursday.  It's become something I really look forward to.  Yesterday we went to a small little sandwich place on the square in Springfield called "The Sub Shop"... It was pretty good.  The bread was super soft, but the meat wasn't deli sliced and the only vegetable on the sandwich was lettuce.  It was a cute little place, but for the price, there are better subs to be eaten.
So, in these features, we will try to visit new places and I'll let you know here what they are like. :)

Avery had her well baby check.
She is in the 97% in EVERYTHING!  Weight, height, and head circumference.  She's healthy.  She is on track with her development.  I'll be doing a 10 month post here in a few days.  TEN MONTHS!  What in the heck happened to the time.

Well. Happy Weekend folks.


  1. Caleb didn't have Thursday off this week so no lunch date for us :( But I did find out that you can place an order online for Jimmy Johns and they deliver to the front lobby! WOO. So I did that instead.

    Those percentages crack me up. At Selah's 21 month appointment a few weeks ago they said she's 1% for weight and 5% for height. I mean really. She's a peanut.

    I can't believe our kids are having birthdays in two months. Ugh.

  2. Wow! 10 months already! Yay for a healthy baby! :) And now I want a sub sandwich. (which happens any time that anyone mentions any type of food lately. Preggo starvin.)

  3. What a fun series! Can't wait to hear about your local eateries!
    Baby Avery is so big! What a cutie!


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