Thursday, September 13, 2012

I Guess This Needs a Title.

Just a few things to give you an idea of what is happening in my world.

First Chemistry Test was last Thursday.  I got an A.
First Math Test was yesterday.  I got an A.

All the iPhone 5 news has me starting to weigh the pros and cons and if I am going to go back to the iPhone or not when I am able to upgrade.  I use my phone heavily for school and my college is going to be releasing a blackboard app to iPhone and Android soon... that will leave me out... because I'm the geek with a Windows Phone.  Plus.  I miss having immediate access to Instagram.  Stupid that Instagram is that important to me in a smart phone.

First Psych test is this Saturday.  I should be studying for that instead of typing out this blog.

I've been doing photosessions again.  I feel a bit rusty, but I have taken some images I'm pretty proud of.  Like these images of Selah, Becca from Life in Technicolor's daughter.  She turned 21 months, so we chased her around for an hour.  She is so curious and her smile is like watching a firework.  It's just so big and bright, you can't help but smile too.
I also did a maternity session for Danielle from Flourish blog. 
I'm enjoying getting back into photography a bit more.  I missed it.

That's all the new happenings in my life right now.  What's going on in your world?  What do you think of the new iPhone, or do you not care about smart phones and gadgets?  Have a great Thursday everyone.


  1. AMY! I love your photo sessions - I wish we lived closer so you could do a family shoot for me and the boys!

  2. P.s. new iPhone is very nice and I am tempted especially by Facetime on 3G network - it would be awesome!

  3. The pictures look amazing!
    I might need to hit you up for a photo session soon. : )

  4. I gushed all over your pix of little Selah Becca. Such a beautiful little girl. LOVE YOUR PIX.

    1. Thanks! Amy did such a good job capturing her. She just wanted to run run run run and not look at the camera. Haha.

  5. I want the iPhone 5 so much! We will see. Your pictures are amazing! Thank you for sharing!

  6. You are a brilliant photographer! :) And congrats on all of your good grades you SMARTY pants! ;)

  7. LOVE those maternity photos Amy!! I wish you lived here I would hire you to do maternity photos for the next time I am Pregnant (hopefuly not for a while)

  8. Congrats on your good grades. These photos are adorable!

  9. I need to put photos of Selah on my blog! I am kind of behind on blogging. Thanks for posting these! And I love Danielle's pictures. I can't believe that baby is being so stubborn. lol.


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