Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Resolution Post

The New Year is almost here.  2012.  It is sobering to get to my age and realize just how quickly life can pass you by.  I remember being in high school thinking I would never ever graduate, but 1997 rolled around and I did.  I remember thinking it would be FOR EH VER before I would be 21... But the year 2000 came and turned 21.  A marriage, 3 kids, and what seems like a brief blip of time later and here I am wondering why I wished those years by so quickly.  Don't wish your life away.  Now at the age of 32, I look at my 8 year old and shake my head... how could I have been so silly as to say that "I can't wait until she is old enough to do this and that"  How could I?  Now she is 8 and I am wanting time to slow down.  I didn't learn my lesson.  I did the same thing with Brendan... and with my pregnancy with Avery.  I just couldn't wait to not be pregnant anymore.  Why would I want my life to go by any faster than it already is?

I am starting school January 17.  I am scared.  I also find myself wishing that this time in school would go very quickly.  WHY?  Why would I do that?  I will be 35 or 36 by the time I am finished with school.  Why do I want to wish those years to go any faster?

2012 Resolutions

1. To apply myself and do awesome in school

2.  Not let impatience take over.  Take time to enjoy the journey.

3.  Manage to parent, take classes and keep my house clean! ha.

4.  Find a church and get involved... this particular resolution has been on my list for the past 2 years.  Hopefully this time I can knock this one off.

5.  Lose all of my unwanted weight that I have gained with all 3 pregnancies.  I am hovering between 152 and 155 right now... so hopefully by the end of the year I can get down to at least 125, which is still heavier than I would like, but I will take it.
EDIT:  I don't want to offend anyone.  I think I end up doing this when I post weight centered ideas on my blog... I think because I am so candid about the numbers and numbers are relate-able.  I need to learn to just say I want to lose 30 lbs... rather than saying what weight I want to be at.  This is in NO WAY insinuating that 125 lbs is "heavy" but rather 125 lbs is "heavier" than the weight that I eventually want to end with.  Right now I would be happy just to be at my pre-pregnancy Avery weight which was 135... but really I'd like to lose more.  To feel good about myself and to be healthier.  Ya know?  I really am sorry if I offended anyone.  I really didn't mean it to come across that I think 125 is heavy.  It's all relative anyway.  A short girl can weigh 130 and look a little bit on the fluffy side, where as a taller girl can weigh the same and look way too skinny.  It's all relative.  Anyway.  Long story short.  No offense meant.

6.  Cherish my husband more.

7.  Love on my kids more.

8.  Embrace my friends.

9.  Make it through 2012 without drastically cutting my hair.

10. Get Silver Dollar City Season Passes ;)

I hope to get to read a lot of your resolutions.  HERE IS TO 2012!!! Let's make it a good year.  Savor every moment, as cheesey as that sounds!  Don't take life for granted.

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  1. happy new year amy! i hope this is the best year yet. and with those goals, it definitely should be! i wish time away too quickly, also. i don't know how you can't. each year speeds by faster and faster. it's probably just an inevitable part of growing up, i guess.

    and good luck in school, you will be great!!! you're older and wiser and i hope it will be a perfect fit for you. nursing, right???

  2. Larissa: yes. Going to school to be a nurse. Fingers crossed. It's really competitive to get into the nursing programs. Thank you for the encouragement!

  3. I know what you mean about the weight stuff. I'm also 5'1" (which, btw, is definitely the most perfect height to be, haha!), and I weigh 129-130. But one of my goals is to lose 10lbs this year. I KNOW I'm not fat, but I'm also much more comfortable when I'm a bit thinner than now. And it would still be in a very healthy range. So I'm right there with ya girl. We should be each other's "naggers" lol!

    You're gonna kick school's ass. Don't worry. :)

  4. people need to understand that not everyone is 5'8. i think your weight goal is reasonable for someone your height! :)

  5. No offense here. Weight is not really about numbers. Regardless of height, some girls can look really thin at 135 while others look heavy...there are so many factors...activity, your body type, the areas you gain, diet, etc.

  6. amy & i already had a quick email exchange about this, but i wanted to say it on here too: totally wasn't offended AT ALL, didn't mean anything by my comment, was just making a snarky remark. i realize that there are some areas of life where i probably should think before i snark, and women & weight is one of them. sorry all.

  7. Amy you are awesome! Supermom...srsly. I think you can do it all! This seems really practical. You can do it for sure!

  8. I love new year resolutions! =) Fantastic blog by the way. I'm enjoying the read.


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