Thursday, August 18, 2011

Week 25 and my Baby Girl is a 2nd Grader!

First off.  The pregnancy update.  Today was a weird morning.  I have been feeling light headed... almost to the point of passing out, sweaty, weak, racing heart, a light pain in my chest... It's really weird.  I called the nurse and she instructed me to go to Labor and Delivery if my symptoms come back.  I am feeling ok now, the symptoms are still there, but not as overwhelming, I can at least function.

Other than that, I think I am doing good.  Here is my 25 week belly picture...
I think it actually looks smaller than last week! ha.  I think it's the shirt and the angle that the photograph was taken.  Oh well.  Fear not.  Baby is growing, I assure you...  Nothing really exciting to speak of.  She is moving.  I am still taking my 2 mile walks.  No new cravings... except I wanted a coca cola classic really bad the other day so I had one yesterday :)

My daughter Lindsey started 2nd grade today!  She's growing up too fast.  I took some pictures of her and her good friend Bella while they waited for the bus.  I am so glad school has started.  Maybe Bren and Lindsey will get along better now that they won't see each other so much.
2nd Grade Graphic for Blog
My Lindsey Starting 2nd grade
2nd grade: Bella
Best Buds
Lindsey and Bella - 2nd Grade
Waiting for the Bus
Going to School
Off They go.
I'm really hoping that this year doesn't go as fast as last year! How is it that my girl is ALREADY IN 2ND GRADE!!!??? Oh dear.


  1. They're so cute all grown up and waiting for the bus! I remember when I first started working as a nanny for a little baby boy. He was two months old. Now he's almost 5. It's ridiculous.

    <3 MuffinLovesBiscuit

  2. Kids grow up way too fast. I can't believe my daughter is already in kindergarten. Sometimes I wish I could just pause time just for a bit to enjoy the really good moments.

  3. I hope those weird symptoms go away, they sound a little creepy.

    Have you ever had high blood pressure before? I had it towards the end of my first pregnancy, and felt a little lightheaded and weird.

    My sister and I always got along better while in school.

  4. Amy! I haven't been over in a while but I'm so happy to see and hear that you and the baby are doing well. And I hope you begin to feel better throughout the day with those symptoms! Also, your girl and her friend are the cutest. They look so happy for the first day of school. For real though, kids grow up so fast! I couldn't believe it when my cousin told me her little Olivia started potty training this week...and loves it, btw. The girl can't stop going and sitting on the thing, even if she doesn't have to. Haha!

  5. i felt EXACTLY like that a handful of times during my second pregnancy. i even passed out at work once. hopefully you won't have to experience that!

  6. Feel better! : )

    She looks so excited and happy for her first day!
    I hope it went awesome. : )

  7. Hope you feel back to normal soon! LOVE the top you are wearing!

  8. wow, it happens all too fast doesn't it? You look great btw, but make sure you take good care of yourself and listen to your body (and the nurse). Hope you feel better! xox

  9. As a male, pregnancy mystifies me. I can't imagine something moving around inside my body. I also can't imagine my body changing so much in such a short time! It's so cool when you think about it!

  10. What a pretty momma with a cute belly! :)

  11. Aww how cute are they waiting for the bus in their new 2nd grader clothes! Cute!!! Love the new belly shots and hope you don't get any more dizzy spells, that sounds scary.

  12. Love these pics! They are adorable. I don't remember ever being excited about school. lol! It's so cool that you've captured that moment so perfectly. :)

  13. She is so adorable! Gosh! You have the cutest kiddos.


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