Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Week 13

I am in the last week of my 1st Trimester.  So happy.  Week 14 marks the beginning of the golden months of pregnancy.  I am looking forward to it.  I really hope that some of my symptoms go away.

Right now I am dealing with the nightly nausea... heartburn... and a horrible taste in my mouth that makes it nearly impossible for me to drink water.  I am on the hunt for drinks with a flavor but not so high on the calories. Lately I have been sucking down juice and decaf sweet tea... while they don't help the bad taste in my mouth to go away, at least it doesn't taste like I am drinking the bad taste, like it does when I just drink straight water.  This is a new symptom to me.  I didn't get this symptom during my other pregnancies.

So.  I have my doctor's visit today at 3:20.  I am typing most of this out before the visit so that all I have to do is enter in my Dr. visit details when I get home and post it.  I am supposed to hear the heartbeat today. I am a little nervous.  Hoping and praying that the heartbeat is there.  I appreciate so much Christa, from Sugarfoot Speaks, who has been really helpful, supportive, and caring.  It really meant a lot to me that you remembered that my big appointment was today and that you have been praying for me!

And with that... I will tell you that I got to hear the heartbeat!  It was good and strong and fast!  I was so happy! Also, I was happy with my weight.  I haven't been able to drink water so I thought for sure my weight gain would send me into the 140's, but I was pleasantly surprised to weigh in a 138.8 lbs.  Starting out at 135... that weight gain isn't bad at all!  Very happy.  Next appointment is much the same... just check my blood pressure, check my weight, my growth (uterus wise), listen to the heartbeat, and then see if I have any concerns.

After that it's the ULTRASOUND!  So... be looking forward to week 20 peeps. :)  I know I am.


  1. I've been putting you in my nightly prayers...I sooo want your baby to be good! :) Yay...ultrasound! That will be exciting but so will hearing the heartbeat. Take Care sweet friend! :) Hearts, Janna lynn

  2. You've been in my prayers. I'm glad you heard the heartbeat today. That is exciting!

    For the bad taste if you can handle peppermint gum or just mints that might help. The only issue is that it can make your throat extra sensitive to cold things (makes them feel colder). Hope this sympotm goes away soon.

  3. Yaaaaaaay!!! I was thinking this morning that your appointment should have been soon.... Grrr I wish I could have been there! Miss you, love!

  4. I am so looking forward to week 20 and beyond estatic to find out there was a heartbeat. I hope that terrible taste fades away soon because it must not be very pleasant.

  5. That is so exciting Amy! I am glad the baby is doing well. And I hope you find something to take away the bad taste in your mouth. Eh. I can definitely see how that'd make water even worse to drink.

  6. Yay! I am so happy for you chica! That little heartbeat is so amazing to hear everytime. :)

    p.s. Your weight gain is awesome. With Rowan I had gained 11 pounds by week 11.

  7. good luck with everything! i hope all is well :( sorry about the nausea that stinks! it starts to go away soon right?


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