Sunday, November 17, 2013

Week 16 and 17: Slowing Down While Speeding Up

I'll start first with the slow down.  Weight-loss is at a crawl right now, but I am content and okay with that.  I haven't quit, but now that I am in my normal weight range for my height, weight loss is getting more difficult unless I create a large enough deficit and that is difficult to do while in school and facing the Holidays, but I am still working at it.

The past two weigh-ins have been bi-weekly, and I don't want to make a habit out of that.  Weighing in weekly keeps me accountable to making progress.  So this will be the last time I will combine weeks.

Between Week 16 and 17 I only lost 1.4 lbs.  I am down 25 lbs overall, though, and that is freaking fantastic. 
140 lbs = Pre-Brendan weight.
137.8 lbs = -15 lb mark
133 lbs = Pre-Avery weight.
132.8 lbs = -20 lbs mark
127.8 lbs  =  down 25 lbs and The lowest weight I have been since having babies.
122.8 = Pre-Lindsey weight and -30 lb mark.
So, I am nearing my initial weight goal.  I'm so close.  Only 5 more lbs.  and then I will be the weight that I was when I found out I was pregnant with Lindsey...
Thinking about the future: After I reach 122.8 lbs, I can either stay there and maintain, or I could shoot for my recommended weight for my height which varies according to the source you consult... I think what I will do is keep doing what I am doing until I either plateau, or I reach my lowest goal weight of 105 lbs.  If I plateau I will just maintain by keeping on the same calorie limitations and exercise routine.  If I keep losing to 105 lbs I will begin a weight maintenance program with my calories and exercise so that I don't gain or lose... So that is the plan.
ANYWAY, onto the "while speeding up" part.  I hate running.  I mean... I used to envy runners because I just didn't have what it took to set a pace in jogging/running and keep it for any extended periods of time.  I have been putting an hour in on the elliptical for the past 17 weeks which translates into a little over 6 miles, and I feel like I am getting cardiovascular-ly healthy (I made up a word). Well, last Sunday, I decided to run in the morning instead of doing my workout at the gym.  I didn't do anything amazing, but I did jog for 4 miles and only stopped to walk a couple times.  I was terribly sore afterward though.  I liked it though, and I developed this desire to get better at it, so I went again a few days later, and I jogged for 4 miles straight NO WALKING.  I was stoked.  After that I decided to do a 6 mile jog.  I am not going to lie, it was rough.  I only walked for probably 1/10 of a mile, but I had to fight through a stomach ache, nausea/dizziness that developed after having to stop abruptly while my heart rate was about 170 bpm, and strong wind resistance.  I did it though.  6 miles in 1 hour and 8 minutes.  Not excellent, but I was just thrilled that I did it.

So there you have it.  I'm still keeping at it.  Recording every single calorie, exercising, and committing to the process. 

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