Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week 5: Losing Weight

     First, I feel I need to explain something.  I am not writing these blogs for judgement.  I write these for encouragement and advice, because I believe that those things help me keep at it.  This is a very personal mission I am on, to cut my weight and get to a weight that I will be happy maintaining.  I think everyone of us girls can identify with low self image.  I think every girl can also say that they have felt ugly and fat at times.  Some women have always been heavy and love their body.  Some of us get comfortable with weight put on for this reason or the next.  Some women can learn to love a heavier version of themselves, and to that I say AWESOME!  There is a lot of importance to being comfortable with who you are on the outside, because that has a direct effect on who you are on the inside.  However, there are a lot of women who can never get happy in their own skin with added weight on.  That's me.  I am not happy with my outer self.  That is why I am changing things.  Weight-loss has just as much to do with my mental health as my physical health.

     No matter what I decide to strive toward, if I begin working toward a goal, I obsess over it.  That is a personality trait/flaw whatever you want to call it, but you know what?  It gets the job done.  So what if I calorie count down to the last calorie, so what if I get upset over a small loss week or a no loss week, and so what if I have frustrations trying to figure out the whole mathematical complication of trying to lose a lb of fat, yet keeping my body out of starvation.  At least I am striving toward a goal and doing it in a healthy way.  At least I am proactive.  At least I am keeping at it.  At least I am determined.  Why would ANYONE want to crap on someone's efforts toward something good.  Why do people on the internet seem to love to kick someone while they are down?

     Let it be known from here on out:  If you do not like what you read... Move along!   If you think I am obsessing over weight-loss, you are dang right, and I will not be made to feel guilty about it.  If you do not read my entire post then you should keep your thoughts to yourself. Finally, if I read any comments crapping on me and my efforts, it will get deleted.  Losing weight is difficult enough without black souled people trying to crap on my efforts.  - Amy Martin

With that out of the way, I'd like to say that I had a great week of weight-loss, and I am optimistic that I am figuring this thing out.  
Week 4: Top picture is weight from 4 weeks ago -11 lbs total (-3 lbs since last Sunday)
Here is what I am doing:
Using My Fitness Pal app to track calories in from food and calories out for exercise.
Eating as many whole foods as possible.  
Trying to limit eating out and when I do eat out I will work at staying within my calories.
I am sticking to a 1200 calorie intake as best as I can. 
I work out everyday and burn approximately 500 calories.
Drinking anywhere from 64-72 oz. water a day.

I have dropped 1 pant size and my clothes are feeling a lot looser :) YAY!  My first milestone is coming up.  

140 lbs = Pre-Brendan weight.
137.8 lbs = -15 lb mark
133 lbs = Pre-Avery weight.
132.8 lbs = -20 lbs mark
122.8 = Pre-Lindsey weight and -30 lb mark.

When looking at my numbers, keep in mind that I am a medium framed, short girl.  I stand 60.75 inches tall.
I am going to mark off my milestones as they happen.  I am really excited about this.  I can visualize them all happening.  If you have some weight-loss goals, go for them; it is never too late to start and there is no weight loss goal that can't be accomplished.  Determination and a little obsession is all it takes ;)

Love, Amy  
See ya next week with my weigh-in.


  1. Amy, keep it up! You're doing great. I am proud that you are making such great strides. You inspire me to keep going.

    Because of the fibromyalgia I have to be careful how hard I push or it sets me back considerably. But you are inspiring me to push to that point and to find the triggers for my weight gain. Bill and I are identifying our triggers (things we love but that will indeed make us gain weight)

    I like to read your posts because you give me ideas and encouragement!

    Keep up the great job!
    Lily-thinking thoughts

    PS I need to blog more regularly!

    1. Thank you, Lillian! That means a lot to me! I am so glad you are on a health journey of your own!

      PS... yes, you do. :)

  2. Amy, that is awesome! Congrats! What an inspiration! xxx

  3. Good job Amy! I knew you could do it! :) You are doing so great. As they say... Nothing worth doing is ever easy. I believe it whole-heartedly with weight loss. I am so happy it's going so well for you! I believe in you Amy!!!

    1. Thanks for the support Danielle! It means a whole lot to me!


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