Monday, May 20, 2013

School's Out For Summer!

My third semester is in the books!  I am fairly happy with my grades, although I did make my first B since going back to college.  College Algebra is tough.  Period.  So is human physiology, but I managed to wrangle an A in that class.  So glad to be finished for the summer though, because this semester took a lot out of me.  I plan to have a good time this summer and focus on losing weight.  No matter how healthy you are eating, if you are over-eating, then you won't lose weight.  The stress of finals causes me to eat, and even though that food is all natural or organic... it's still calories that I didn't need... so I haven't lost any weight lately.  I think I may have gained a pound, but I plan on going to the gym regularly during the summer.

Next thing I wanted to talk about was my new tea and tea infuser!  I am a little behind on the loose leaf tea craze.  Better late than never... I'm hooked.  I got a cheap tea infuser and some orange spice and earl grey from Mama Jeans, and coffee has been taking a back seat. 


  1. Awesome!! :) LOVE the new look!! Seriously... summer kicks butt!

  2. Congrats on the grades! The tea sounds awesome. In all honesty, tea will never replace coffee for me. Tea tends to leave an after-taste no matter how high the quality and that is without sweetening it. Also, you hit the nail on the head, calories spent must exceed calories in no matter how healthy those calories are. I am trying to spend more calories than I take in too!

    Have a beautiful, slow, and fabulous summer. Fall semester tends to come quickly!

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