Monday, October 29, 2012

A Really Fun Day

This past Friday, the kids were off of school for a teacher work day.  I knew the day was going to be cold and cold days are my favorite time to go to Silver Dollar City, so we decided to be spontaneous and go.  I hope that I tuck this day away in the file cabinet of my mind under the tab "best day ever" where only the best of memories go. 

We stopped to watch the glass blowers make things.  The guy standing on the left dropped the creation in the oven and shattered it.  Major fail.  It was sad.  The whole audience let out a collective "awwwwwweee."  He was making a glass pumpkin.
 Just the three of us, having a blast.
The train is always fun.  There is a show half way through the ride and even though the humor is used over and over, it's still funny.
We went through "Grandfather's Mansion" and no the below picture is not upside down.
No amusement park trip is complete without a funnel cake.
We watched the Cowboy Stunt Show, which was cheesy for the most part, but still fun.
Last.  Lindsey is obsessed with Caves and Silver Dollar City has Marvel Cave on it's grounds and they give tours.  Lindsey has been wanting to go for a long time and so I decided to give in and take the hour long tour.  It's pretty magnificent to see that water formed all of this.  The first picture is the ceiling in one of the cave rooms, and the last picture is looking down over a ledge at a room below.  I was scared I would drop my phone taking that picture, but obviously... I didn't.


  1. AH, this looks like so much fun! Great pics! xxx

  2. Looks like fun fun fall times!!!

  3. Aw, fun times!! I miss going to Silver Dollar City!


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