Thursday, August 9, 2012

Eight Months

Why oh why is it quicker for 8 months to pass when you AREN'T pregnant?  It's unfair really. ha.  Well, 8 months has indeed passed and my little sugar bear (or butt head, it's according to how she's acting at the time) is growing up way too fast.

She is crawling as of yesterday.  It's so adorable.
She still hates mushy food, but loves mac and cheese.
She loves to be talked to.
She has 8 teeth!
She loves it when you help her stand up.
I lowered her crib because I woke up to her standing in her crib.
She is in 18 month clothing.
She loves to cuddle.
She is drinking from a sippie every now and then.
She loves the swimming pool.
She loves to watch the Olympics especially gymnastics.
She does indeed love climbing all over me and laughing at her brother and sister.

I hope I didn't miss anything.  Here are some snapshots I took for her 8th month.

Avery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 monthsAvery 8 months


  1. Oh my gosh! Those eyes! Those cheeks! She's just perfect :)

  2. I love that first photo of her with that ornery look! I think she looks like Lindsey in the second photo. And the third from the bottom cracks me up - the one where she's going after that toy. NOM! I think I would add she loves puffs! Climbing all over mom. And laughs a lot at her brother and sister. :)

  3. Awww, she's looking just like you! And I agree, 8 months of baby is WAAAY quicker than 8 months of pregnancy! haha!

  4. Dang I wish I wasnt so prejuidiced. She's too cute. Then again I am her gramps. Our opinions usually get thrown out.

  5. She's so beautiful!! The first and fifth photos are my favourites, but I love them all!!!


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