Monday, July 9, 2012

Avery is 7 Months Old Today

This first year is already over half over!  It's such irony that 7 months of a pregnancy can seem like an eternity and 7 months of your baby's life seems to go way too fast.  It's unfair really!

Avery has so many teeth coming in right now.  I feel so bad for her.  She has 4 coming in on top and she already has 3 broken through on bottom.

She is rolling all over the place and seems to be showing signs that she wants to crawl.

She HATES mushy baby food!  She will not eat baby cereal or the 1st stage baby food.  She pushes it right back out with her tongue, but she LOVES those cereal puffs and she loves to feed herself anything that I will give her that she won't choke on.

She is 21.7 lbs!  Which puts her in the 100 percentile for babies her age.  She is 27.5 inches long, which makes her my tallest baby at this point and she is in the 95 percentile in height.

She fits in 12-18 month clothing.

She loves to be held.  She is by far my clingiest baby.  She has been my toughest baby too.  She requires a lot of attention. I don't know how much of that has to do with teething though.  She loves to be talked to and held upside down.

She still likes to listen to Mumford and Sons "Sigh No More" when she is upset.  It calms her right down.  She even smiles when she first hears it, it's cute.

She loves to listen to daddy play the guitar and sing.

She alternates days on whether she is a daddy's girl or mommy's girl.

She started sleeping through the night a couple weeks ago, but she will still wake up needing a pacifier reinsertion.

Just in case I didn't update you all, she doesn't have a hernia, the CT scan showed a normal chest, so no surgery and for that I am thankful.

7 Months.

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  1. Awe, she's so big and beautiful! :D I'm glad to know she doesn't need surgery! ;)

    Hope your week's off to a great star! ;D


  2. haha! She is a cutie for sure. I also LOVE that mumford and sons song.

  3. Gorgeous kid!! Love the top she's wearing!

  4. Awe! She's so sweet and chubby! I love chubby babies. They're babies they're supposed to be rolly polly! My Carolina doesn't fit into clothes that are her age either. She's 10 months and wearing 24 month old clothes. She's way more needy than my older daughter was as a baby. My older daughter is super needy now though... oh well..

    She's adorable!!!

  5. She's precious! I hope the teeth pain stops for your little one very soon!

  6. Holy whoa, she is absolutely adorable, Amy! Ha, did not mean to alliterate like that. :) Eisley has was my biggest by far! Also, my clingiest. I love the snuggles, although I'm not trying to do homework and study for tests. You and your husband have some of the cutest kids around!!

  7. She is SERIOUSLY so adorable!! What a beautiful blessing!!

  8. Avery is so presh! Srsly! Gosh! I love the one of her checking out her toes! I'm glad she is doing better!

  9. Amy's she's absolutely precious! I love love love love love the picture that cracked you up! The expression on her face is priceless! What a funny bunny!

    I'm glad you're all well, happy and healthy! I hope that her teeth start feeling better soon... there really isn't anything worse than a baby that's uncomfortable. Poor thing.

    <3 <3 <3


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