Sunday, April 8, 2012

Avery Claire is 4 Months Old.

Time is flying away and Avery is 4 months old.
She is trying so hard to get mobile, but she wants NOTHING to do with tummy time.
She still isn't rolling over.
She is however, pulling herself up on me when I sit her down in my lap facing me.
She loves it when we hold her up and let her stand up on our laps.
She loves tickles and funny noises.
She loves music. VERY MUCH... it's like magic with her.
I think she is teething.
She has skipped 3-6 month clothing altogether and is currently wearing 6-9 month clothes. She's our little chunker.

I tried to do a session with her, but I was dumb and waited till it was her nap time ha. She was fussy so I had Dave come in and help. I like them though. Avery 4 MonthsAvery 4 MonthsAvery 4 MonthsAvery 4 MonthsAvery 4 MonthsAvery 4 Months

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  1. Such a cutie! I love the pic of them with their heads back and mouth open! I think she looks a lot like him :)

  2. You are the first to say that ha. A lot of people say she looks like me. However, I think she's a smorgasboard and has a little bit of everyone's features. Ha. She is my only baby that has my eyes though.

  3. That is so so sweet! She is so pretty! Great photos Amy!

  4. Ahhh! Amy!!! I adore the black and white one with Dave's profile! She is sooo beautiful!

  5. What a beautiful, sweet little girl! Hurray for chunky babies <333 more cheeks to smoosh with our kisses! Rolling over is hit or miss with our 4.5 m/o, he's FINALLY starting to let us keep him on his tummy for more than 5 minutes. Hopefully Avery does soon, but I'm sure she'll learn HER way soon!


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