Monday, January 9, 2012

Adjusting, Baby Blues, and Roller Skates

It's been a rough last few days. Avery has been fussing a lot. If she's not sleeping she's fussing. Even when she is fed, changed, and being held. It's been daunting. It doesn't help that I have a bout of the baby blues.  I'm watching it to make sure it doesn't get worse.  I had the baby blues with Lindsey, but it went away at 4 weeks postpartum.  I am heading into week 5 postpartum and I am still crying at the drop of a hat, stressing, getting anxiety, experiencing insomnia, hyperventilating, feeling hopeless.  It's all overwhelming.

She is cute though, isn't she? ha.  She really didn't want me to take her picture.  She would have liked to have been sleeping as you can tell from the top right photo.  She is one month old... 4 weeks and 3 days. 
I have been doing a lot of hanging out with my good friend Becca from Life in Technicolor.  We went roller skating.  I hadn't been since I got pregnant, so that puts my last roller skating stint sometime in late February or early March.  It was nice to be back... we will be going as often as possible.  It's important to still do things for yourself when you have a lot going on in life.
 REALLY bad picture alert! ha... but still had to post it.  We'll work on getting better pics of us up.

I will be starting my weight loss journey Friday January 20... Mainly because I will be able to start working out again because I will be 6 weeks postpartum.  Sneak peek, this is what I am starting with... (excuse the chipping toe nail polish)

I should be able to start my "Tubal Experience" posts next month sometime.  That won't be a regular feature... probably every 2 or 3 months.

I may add in some school features too.  I am so nervous and scared to start school.  If anyone has anything encouraging to say about Anatomy and Physiology, please speak up now.  I'm really freaking out about it.

Wishing you all a happy week.

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  1. I just want to say that I am glad you have been hanging out a lot with your friend and I am sure that helps ease out some stress. Hope the baby blues go away and I also had the baby blues after I gave birth to Sara. I cannot wait to read about your school experience and I am so proud of you for signing up for school.

    I am taking physiology this semester and I am a bit stressed about that class because I think it will be very time consuming. I wish I could give you advice but I don't have any advice on those classes. I will be keeping an eye out on your comments section so that I can also get some pointers.

  2. She is super gorgeous and I love that you went skating! It is so true to still do things for important to stay sane!
    Happy Monday xxx

  3. I wish I could give you a big hug! I don't miss that baby blues feeling at all, it sucks! Good for you though for having some friend time and going roller-skating! I hope your days start to get brighter soooon!!

  4. Amy! She's adorable! Those little legs! So cute!
    I'm sorry that the blues have hit. I hope that they leave quickly!
    Skating sounds so fun! Can't remember the last time I did that!

  5. You've been tagged. :)

  6. Ohmygosh that baby is so freaking cute! :) I love seeing her!! That postpartum depression is no joke, if it keeps up you should be seen for it...there may be a prescription that can help you cope until things balance out. I'm glad to see you out rollerskating and having deserve it sweet lady! I soooo hope you go short with your me Team Short Hair! Hearts, Janna Lynn

  7. She is so cute! And wow, she really doesn't look pleased in that second one, haha. I have good things to say about anatomy and physio! Well, okay, bad things first: there is A LOT of material, and I mean A LOT. But, at least from what I found, if you focus on the physio part, and think of each thing as a process and work out how they relate to each other it's not too bad to manage. Personally, I thought physio was so so interesting. It's really amazing how specialized so much of the body is and how it copes and changes at the drop of a hat. Good luck with everything, dear!

  8. Aww Avery is such a sweety! I hated baby blues, I hate crying in front of people so it was very awkward for me :P
    Gosh I LOVE anatomy and physiology, I'm doing a degree in Naturopathy and the A&P subjects were some of my faves! Except I always get a little muddled when it comes to the heart and blood vessels, because I could never stay in the lectures for them...I have a horrible fear of blood and the whole circulatory system. Weird I know!
    But if you get stuck on something ask me about it, I might be able to help!

  9. She is sooo adorable! I haven't been roller skating in YEARS! I could never get the hange of skates, though I loved roller blading. (Hellloooo 90s child...) School can be daunting, but looking at it now, I think I would do much better at school now that I'm older and really knows what it means to put in the hard work and effort. If you've had 3 kiddos, school is gonna be easy peasy in comparison! Don't worry!

  10. Wow, amazing baby!

    Cute! Beautiful! ♥♥♥


    Linda from

  11. I have nothing good to say about A&P. But that's because I never took it. Just keep your pretty little chin up and don't stress. That causes grey hair and wrinkles. I'm jealous of your love for roller skating. I am the worst. It's because I can ice skate. So any type of shoe with more than one thing on the bottom my body just can't handle. Also? Avery is just the cutest little ever!

  12. A&P is awesome! I took it over the summer. Its super interesting and awesome. I dissected rats, sheep hearts, and a cat. I thought I wouldn't be able to do it but its so cool! (& thats weird for me, I love animals). It's a tough class though, be prepared to memorize all the bones and organs in the body. Don't worry, you'll do great!!


  13. Looks like there is lots to come ahead!


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