Thursday, October 6, 2011

So Much to Tell You: 32 Weeks.

The CRAZY MONTH has started. I love October, don't get me wrong, but there are going to be some crazy busy days ahead.

Some news: (Probably won't interest you if you aren't into SLR cameras, so if you aren't interested just skip this paragraph and the next two) We had a bunch of expenses arise, so this photog had to do some equipment purging and downgrading to make ends meet this month. Sold my wide angle and my 100mm which I loved, but hey, it got us a new windshield and new tags on our car for 2 years. It also replaced Dave's dying phone. We kinda expected the windshield to be covered under warranty but we couldn't find the receipt and the company couldn't find us in their system so we had to pay for it.

This led to the selling of my 7D.  I bought the 7D on a whim.  Camera companies are always coming out with the bigger and better SLR and it's hard to not be tempted by all of the "candy" out there... which is EXPENSIVE "candy" by the way.  I loved this camera, but always felt like I was waisting it's capabilities.  I  don't use the video feature, which is the main sell of this camera.  The less expensive sibling to the 5D Mk II but supposedly quality to rival.  Still a $1600 camera body for a girl who isn't even doing photography as a business anymore, didn't make much sense to me.  We needed a couple hundred to make the kid's birthday happen this weekend so I sold my camera for most of what I paid for it YAY.

I am really excited to say that I won't be camera-less for long. I found and purchased a used Canon 50D at a great price with a 90 day warranty!  The 50D is the camera that I shot with before the 7D. It was perfect for me.  Now that I think about it, it was very silly of me to upgrade in the first place. 15 megapixel, expandable ISO capabilities, high max shutter speed... NO VIDEO which I LOVE! I am kinda snobby as it pertains to video on SLR's... I think that it's cool to have the option on some of the models, but I wish they would make models without video for us that STRICTLY do still photography. I am not a cinematographer, I am a PHOTOgrapher.  To sum it up for you, I am excited to have this baby back next week.

Moving on.  Pregnancy.  I am 32 weeks!  I had my epidural interview on Tuesday which was LOADS of fun (sense the sarcasm).  I am doing well.  Walks have slowed down.  Not enough hours in the day anymore and when I do walk, my body yells at me for it.  I am finding it very difficult to do things, though.  Between my lack of energy, the distractions of money issues, the big belly that I find obstructing my every move, and the aches and pains that go along with a growing expanding body... I'm just ready for these last 8 weeks to fly by.

I have been busy!  Making baby shoes!  I bought THIS pattern off of Etsy. To make shoes like these:

and while those are cute, I put my own twist on them and here is what I came up with:
I'm so excited about them!!! The cute factor was almost overwhelming while I was crocheting them! ha.

Anyway.  Due to the selling of my camera and waiting for my 50D to arrive, I am forced to do my 32 week belly picture the "old fashioned" way... with my iPhone. ha.  So here is my belly!
My facial expression is funny because the whole time I am taking this picture I am thinking "OH MY GOSH! MY BELLY IS HUGE!!! AND SO AM I!!!" ha ha ha.  I'm ok with it though, because I know there is nothing I can do about this fact.  I can only just laugh and hope that I can shed it once I am through with this crazy journey.  Did I mention I only have approximately 8 more weeks!?

Well, I hope you all have a wonderful Thursday and a GREAT weekend.

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  1. you look so so darling!
    Its getting so close to baby time!

  2. YAY! You're almost done. Hopefully the last 8 weeks fly by for you and you'll have your precious baby in your arms before you know it! Also, I'm sorry to hear you had to sell your cameras, but I'm glad you're happy with your "downgrade." Sometimes we have to cut here and there to make things work too, so I understand what you're going through!

  3. You look amazing! Such a cute pic!!

  4. selling and swapping and growing and slowing down! Phew, have a sit down! Things always work out in the end :)

  5. Glad you love the camera you ended up with:) I love your expression in the picture you look SO happy!! And wow, I didn't know you were an expert crocheter!!

  6. It's great to know there are people out there who know that giving the kids a great birthday is better than things.

  7. WOOHOO! Glad you made good sales and that you won't be without a camera completely! I kinda think used is the way to go, but I may be biased! ;) DSLRs are one thing that people seem to take REALLY good care of so it's so nice to find a camera that was well loved!
    I'm in LOVE with your little baby shoes! They are so cute and you put the perfect touches on them!
    Can't even believe that you only have 8 weeks to go! It's crazy!

  8. those shoes are sooo cute! I think I'm gonna have to learn to crochet when I'm pregnant!x

  9. I really can't even believe that you only have8 more weeks! Your pregnancy has flown by for me:) Those shoes are so dang adorable! I need to get me that pattern. Which etsy shop did you buy it from?? Was the pattern easy to follow? I am kind of a tard when it comes to reading patterns. Mostly just make stuff up. I'm glad you were able to sell all of your stuff for reasonable prices! & still get an AWESOME new camera:) have a great day!

  10. Lol, this pregnancy is just flying by and I haven't felt a thing ;) Just kidding! Love you girl!


    seriously, i like your take on the shoes WAY better!
    they look really great!

    i'm so excited you were able to sell your camera + get a new one you love in the process. that's wonderful!
    : )

  12. You Momma look fab!!!

    Good effort on the shoes! I'll be putting in requests should I need any in the next year or two!

  13. You look amazing and you sound so happy in this post. <3

  14. Those shoes are just the cutest. So sorry to hear about the camera but it's okay you can always upgrade once again in the future. Things happen and I have done the same thing in the past in order to avoid getting into debt.


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